The Tallest Hotel Built on the Ocean

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Please watch the video in the link below and comment on the application of geotechnical engineering in constructing this gigantic structure on the ocean. Also please state all the procedures for the construction on the ocean. Itemize all the engineering applications on the entire construction of the hotel, ranging from the shape of the building, the wind resistance against hurricane, the electrical power in the building and the interior decoration. You must have two submissions: One comprehensives report in word document and the other one in power point and prepare to make presentation in the class.

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Burj Al Arab
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Application of Geotechnical Engineering
• Burj Al Arab is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. The Hotel is
333m tall and it stands on an artificial island which is 919 ft (280 meters)
out for the Jumeriah beach. Despite being one of the world’s tall icon
buildings, Burj Al Arab is built on a ground which had loose to very weak
sand which was overlying to weak to very weak siltstone and sandstone
with interbeds of carbonate and gypsiferous cemented layers. This gave
geotechnical engineers a hard time to stabilize the overlying rock before
construction of Burj Al Arab began.

Procedure of constructing Burj Al Arab on the ocean
• In the first three years, the land was reclaimed from the see. Testing of
the soil stability was done through a number of tests. Approximately 33
boreholes were drilled and double-tube rock coring and 60
pressuremeter tests were conducted to establish the stability of the
ground. A foundation was dug and concrete bored into the foundation to
stabilize it before the constr...

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