BSA 493 SBS College Entrepreneurship with Focus on Small Bus Entrepreneurship & Innovation Paper

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Business Finance

BSA 493

SBS college



Entrepreneurship & Innovation Word

Come up with an innovative idea

Define one Customer Persona for this hypothesis (you can use the Customer Persona template)

Describe what you think the Opportunity is i.e., what Job-to-be-done that is currently important and not satisfied

Describe what could be an appealing Value Proposition for this opportunity i.e., how

your Value Proposition helps in solving their Jobs-to-be-done addressing the pains/gains of the persona (you can use the Value Proposition canvas template)

Explain what could be an MVP you could develop to test whether your value proposition would be appealing to your target audience

Elaborate on how you could test the demand for your MVP

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OUTLINE, Implementation of the Farm-link app
I. Introduction

Explanation of the idea of a mobile app that connects local farmers with consumers

Brief overview of the customer persona and value proposition

II. Customer Persona

Description of the health-conscious, environmentally aware consumer who values locally
sourced, fresh produce

III. Value Proposition

Explanation of the app's value proposition based on convenience, transparency, and
supporting local farmers

IV. MVP Development

Explanation of the MVP development process, including developing a simple version of
the app with core features

Possible features to be added based on user feedback

V. Testing Demand

Strategies for testing demand for the app, including surveys, focus groups, landing pages,
pre-order campaigns, and more

VI. Conclusion

Summary of the project, emphasizing the importance of addressing the needs of the
customer persona and providing value to both farmers and consumers

Naming the app as "FarmLink"


Implementation of the Farm-link app

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Implementation of the Farm-link app
The Innovative Ide entails a mobile app that connects local farmers directly with
consumers, enabling them to purchase fresh, seasonal produce directly from the source. The name
of the app will be “Farm-Link". This name combines the idea of linking local farmers directly
with consumers through the app, while also emphasizing the importance of supporting and
connecting with local agriculture.
Customer Persona: The Health-Conscious Foodie
Background: The Health-Conscious Foodie is a millennial who is passionate about health
and wellness, and values the quality and freshness of their food. They prioritize organic, locallysourced produce and are willing to pay a premium for products that meet their high standards
(Health-Conscious Food Trends explained, 2021). They may be vegetarian, vegan, or have dietary
restrictions due to health concerns or personal beliefs.
Goals and Motivations: The Health-Conscious Foodie is motivated by the desire to eat
nutritious, high-quality food that supports their overall health and wellness. They may be focused
on maintaining a healthy weight, building muscle, or improving their digestion (What are health
conscious consumers looking for in 2022?, 2022). They are also motivated by a desire to support
local farmers and sustainable food systems. They may be seeking ways to reduce their carbon
footprint or minimize their use of single-use plastics.
Challenges and Pain Points: The Health-Conscious Foodie faces several challenges when
it comes to accessing high-quality, locally-sourced produce. They may struggle to find these
products at their local grocery store or farmer's market, or may not have the time or transportation

to visit these locations regularly. They may also find that these products are more expensive than
conventional produce and may not fit within their budget.
Values and Beliefs: The Health-Conscious Foodie values health, wellness, and
sustainability. They believe that food should be nutritious, delicious, and ethically produced. They
also believe in supporting local farmers and reducing their environmental impact through their
food choices (Watkins, 2020). They may be interested in learning more about where their food
comes from and how it is produced, and may be willing to pay a premium for products that align
with their values.
Behavior and Habits: To locate high-quality vegetables, the Health-Conscious Foodie
may visit health food shops or specialized markets. They may also be social media users, following
food bloggers or influencers who share their beliefs and interests. They could be interested in
experimenting with new recipes and ingredients. They could be ready to pay a premium for items
that satisfy their criteria, and they might be interested in joining a community of others who share
their love for health and wellbeing (Watkins, 2020).
A mobile app that links local farmers directly with customers might design a unique value
offer that fulfills their individual requirements and resonates with their beliefs by analyzing the
demands and motivations of the Health-Conscious Foodie persona. The app might give a quick
and economical answer to this persona's difficulties by providing a platform for farmers to reach
a bigger audience and for customers to readily purchase high-quality, locally-sourced goods.
The smartphone app that connects local farmers directly with consumers has the ability to
supply an unmet need for rapid and affordable access to high-quality veggies grown locally. This
demand has the potential to be satisfied by the smartphone app that links local farmers directly

with customers. There has been an increase in the number of consumers who are health concerned
and place a high value on the quality and freshness of their food, which has led to an incr...

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