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You have been selected by your crime lab supervisor to develop a paper on the health risks associated with processing a crime scene for his presentation to a group of fellow crime lab administrators and personnel at their yearly symposium.

He has asked that you research and review these health risks and any new state-of-the-art technologies that are under development and those that are currently available to reduce the risk of exposure to the crime scene investigator and others at the crime scene. Additionally, you are to review any pros and cons that you might see that are a part of this new technology and provide scenarios in which this new technology can be used on the typical crime scene.

Finally, you are to submit this presentation to him in paper format (no PowerPoint slides; he will do those himself). Include a short abstract at the front of the paper naming and describing each of the technologies that you found with the example scenarios you developed before doing a more thorough description in the body of your report on the topics.

Be sure to cite all references in APA format.

Research the library and other resources to complete the assignment.

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Crime Scenes and Health Risks

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As a crime scene investigator, one needs to equip himself well to reduce the risks
involved. These risks are biological, chemical as well as physical. Currently, we do not have
well-advanced technologies to deal with the worst scenarios we might face. We use specially
designed suits, gas masks, gloves among several other minor technological equipment to protect
our bodies from injuries, bacterial and viral infections, inhalation of dangerous gases, drowning
in case of sea crime scenes, among several others. However, every day we face different scenes,
and thus, new strategies need to be put in place to help. For instance, most suits are fixed with
several apparatus making them self-contained. Such a technology is useful when in a situation
where several risk elements are involved. The user gets protection from all the hazards involved.
With research, the self-contained suits seem not to reach the levels which investigations
demand to protect their personnel. For instance, what if a heavy building collapsed while the
technicians are inside, will these technologies save them? It is not a guarantee. Therefore, what is
believed to be the best solution is under its way, the introduction of the drone in the crime
scenes. A drone is a machine, so even if the collapsing building destroys it, it can be replaced
with another one easily,...

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