Write an essay of 1000 words on the use of a single literary device/term used within The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe.

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Write an essay of 1000 words in MLA format on the use of a single literary device/term used

  • Review the format for citing lines of poetry. Citations from the poem will be needed to support your argument.

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The Use of Imagery in “The Raven”

‘The Raven’ is a poem written by Edgar Allen Poe, an editor, writer, and poet best known
for his mystery and macabre themed poetry and short stories. The poem, whose persona is a man
mourning his lost love, Lenore, tells of the narrator whose reading gets interrupted by a knock at
the door, after which he apologizes to who he assumes is a surprise visitor. Upon opening the
door, however, he finds no one there and sits on the chair once again only to hear the rapping
again and discover a raven whose only response to all his questions is "Nevermore," the line with
which the poem comes to an end. This essay analyzes Poe’s use of literary devices in "The
Raven," with emphasis on imagery as a dominant literary device in the poem.
Literary Devices
Poe, using the narrator’s melancholic tone, explores the grim subject of lost love while
communicating the depth of the narrator’s desolation using different literary devices. The most
prominent literary devices in the poem include assonance, onomatopoeia, alliteration, and
repetition, with imagery as the dominant literary device. For instance, Poe uses consonance and
alliteration, the repetition of...

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