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Critical elements to achieving Operational Excellence are employee engagement and high-performing teaming. Leaders play a large role in creating workplace environments reflecting an organization’s mission, vision, and values. Some may consider The Great Resignation as confirmation of leadership failure. Reference your assigned readings and videos, to answer the following questions:

How will this course impact your leadership style?

Of this week's assigned reading and materials, what specifically have you read or watched demonstrates which leadership skills are required to support operational excellence?

  • In your opinion does employee engagement affect operational excellence?

These 2 are referenceOperational ExcellenceChapter 1, Operational Excellence Pages 1 to 25 Article: Operational Excellence Starts with Culture Article: What is the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle?PDCA Cycle - What is the Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle? | ASQ Article: The New Workplace Where Meaning and Purpose are More Important Than EverOperational Excellence focuses on enhancing your organization’s quality, productivity, and customer service operations. Successful continuous improvement efforts seek to balance human and process centered aspects of operations. This article focuses on the current challenge of workplace: more than ever, people are wanting more out of work than money. They want more meaning and more purpose.

Also, I'm sending other student responses for your reference. Below. According to a study by Saks (2006), employee engagement positively correlates with organizational performance and operational outcomes. The study found that engaged employees are more likely to exhibit discretionary effort, higher job performance, and increased customer satisfaction, all of which contribute to operational excellence.How will this course impact your leadership style?The course on Quality and Technology in the Workplace will have a significant impact on my leadership style by enhancing my understanding of the importance of employee engagement and high-performing teaming in achieving operational excellence. As a leader, it is crucial to create a workplace environment that aligns with the organization's mission, vision, and values. By focusing on quality and technology, this course will provide me with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively lead my team towards operational excellence.Of this week's assigned reading and materials, what specifically have you read or watched demonstrates which leadership skills required to support operational excellence?One of the assigned materials that demonstrated the leadership skills required to support operational excellence is the video by Steve Jobs on "Continuous Process Improvement." In the video, Jobs emphasizes the importance of constantly striving for improvement and not settling for mediocrity. This aligns with the leadership skill of driving innovation and encouraging a culture of continuous improvement within the organization. Jobs' approach highlights the significance of leaders challenging the status quo, embracing change, and fostering a mindset of growth and development.In your opinion does employee engagement affect operational excellence?Additionally, employee engagement is a critical element in achieving operational excellence. When employees are engaged, they are more likely to be motivated, productive, and committed to their work. This positively impacts the overall performance of the organization. A study conducted by Harter, Schmidt, and Hayes (2002) found that organizations with high employee engagement experienced higher customer satisfaction, increased productivity, and greater profitability. Therefore, it is evident that employee engagement plays a crucial role in driving operational excellence.References:Harter, J. K., Schmidt, F. L., & Hayes, T. L. (2002). Business-unit-level relationship between employee satisfaction, employee engagement, and business outcomes: A meta-analysis. Journal of Applied Psychology, 87(2), 268–279., A. M. (2006). Antecedents and consequences of employee engagement. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 21(7), 600–619.

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The idea of operational excellence provides a new perspective on the current requirements
responsible for creating and maintaining a workplace that is both productive and efficient. The
relevance of an organization's culture is shown by the fact that employee engagement and
leadership directly impact the quality of their operations (Asif et al., 2019).
How will this course impact your leadership style?
Quality and Technology in the Workplace ...

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