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Conduct research and locate a coaching or mentoring motivational video or TED Talk. What components of the video appealed to you? How could you use this video when working with others to coach, mentor, or lead them? Please cite your video and include a link to share with your peers.

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Heyy..😀 The essay is done. I chose a TEDx talk by Ran Gavrieli on pornography. I have explained the appealing aspects of the video and illustrated how it can be used to influence change especially in the youth...😎 So, have a look and let me know if you have any questions..😇 If everything is satisfactory, then feel free to review and complete the question below..👇 Kindly find the attached document and revise it...

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Pornography: A Social Vice
The issue of pornography is very sensitive because some people support the industry
while others vehemently condemn it. Those that support porn are mostly consumers and business
owners who profit from the industry. In the video, Ran Gavrieli states that his reasons for
quitting the consumption of pornography were both personal and social. He stopped watching the
films to promote healthy and emotional intimacy in his relationships, and als...

Really great stuff, couldn't ask for more.


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