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1-- You should select a company to research and address the letter. It must be a company that is one of the top 500 companies found on the Fortune 500 list of companies headquartered in the United States. For your assistance, you may view the lists on the following websites: http://fortune.com/global500/ or http://fortune.com/fortune500/

The companies on the 2016 or 2017 or 2018 listing should currently be available. After you select a company, you should upload the name of your company on the Discussions Board, so that no one else will select that company. Only one person may select a company. No two people can select the same company. As a result, you should post the name of the company you are selecting, after checking the list to see if anyone else has selected that company, to avoid duplication. The list will determine who posted the company name first. (See the example, showing how to paste the names of the companies.) Make certain you post the name in the Name of the thread, so that it is readily viewable.

2. Keep in mind that letters are written to satisfy all kinds of requirements. This letter should be written in a letter of introduction format. See the attached example. This is just an example to show the format for the letter. However, the letter should clearly state the following:

  • Indicate the official name of the company (you should address the letter to the CEO of the company),
  • Indicate the company's Fortune 500 ranking number (this should be listed in the letter somewhere),
  • Include the company's home office located (this is the address to which you will send the letter),
  • State the name of the CEO of the company (this is the name of the person to whom you will actually address the letter),
  • Include the main purpose of the company (how do they generate revenue),
  • State where they operate (Is this a company that only operates in the US or do they operate in other countries, too?)
  • Indicate a job that you find interesting within the company and the salary (Based on your major, select a job that represents your interests and explains why you are well suited for this job at this company. Or, select a computer or MIS related job for which you are well suited. )
  • Determine if they have a Code of Ethics/Conduct for their corporation (in the US). (If the company does not have a Code of Ethics for their US operations, you should find another company to research.)
  • Provide a description of what the Code of Ethics states. It should not be a word-for-word description. Instead, your description should provide a commentary that summarizes the contents of several of the tenets of the Code of Ethics. It should be more than a couple of sentences.
  • Most important, the letter should include a statement indicating how well you can (or cannot) adhere to this Code of Ethics,

3. The letter should include an introduction, body, and conclusion. It should be written as a letter and consist of more than one paragraph. There should be a list of references at the end. See below for more information on the references. The references do not need to be a part of the letter. Rather, it should state the references that you used to research and find information to use in the letter.

4. Before submitting the letter, you should either (1) create a Grammarly account (www.grammarly.com) and check your letter to make sure it is grammatically correct, before you submit your letter, or, (2) contact the tutors in the Writing & Reading Center - Writing Lab (https://www.uhd.edu/academics/writing-center/Pages...) to have someone review your work so that you can make corrections, before submission.

5. You should not use and include any Wikipedia resource as a reference. Also, when using websites, each web page on a single website is a part of the same reference.

6. Turnitin has a tool to check for plagiarism: Originality/Similarity Reports. There is a Turnitin Revision link for you to use to upload, revise, and re-upload the assignment to check your work, before uploading it for FINAL grading by the instructor. You can submit the assignment multiple times to check for plagiarism problems.

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Starbucks Code of Ethics




RANK 131, 2017 FORTUNE 500,
SEATTLE, WA 98134-1436.

14TH FEB 2018.

Dear Johnson,

Starbucks is one of the largest and most profitable coffee companies in the world. Since
the company was founded in 1971, it has grown in leaps and bounds and become popular among
coffee lovers across the world. As of today, the company operates in more than twenty-seven
thousand outlets across the world. With its popularization of the darkly roasted coffee, Starbucks
has distinguished itself as the face of the ‘second wave' coffee. The taste and quality of the coffee
that it serves has made it popular among consumers, and that has enabled it to rank highly in the
competitive industry. The main sources of revenue of Starbucks include the sale of beverages
such as tea and coffee and the sale of food. In 2017, Statistics indicate that Starbucks gained a
revenue stream of $12.92 billion from the sale of beverages (Wu, 2017). To this effect, the sale
of beverages is the primary revenue stream of the company. The success of Starbucks in a
crowded market is due to the effectiv...

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