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Choose an e-commerce website (DO NOT USE PINTEREST AND FACEBOOK ) to assess in terms of the following eight unique features of e-commerce technology as referenced in Table 1.2, Chapter 1 and seen below.

Write a paper of approximately 3 pages on the following points.

  • In your opinion, which feature(s) does the site implement well? Explain your answer, supported with specific details from the website.
  • Which feature(s) does the site implement poorly? Explain your answer, supported with specific details from the website.
  • What suggestions for improvement would you make? Explain your answer, supported with specific details.


Internet / web technology is available everywhere at anytime

Global Reach

The technology reaches across national boundaries

Universal Standards

One set of technology standards: Internet standards


Videos, audio, and text messages are possible


Technology works through interaction with user

Information Density

Technology reduces information costs and raises quickly

Personalization / Customization

Technology allows personalized messages to be delivered

Social Technology

User content generation and social networks

Format your paper using the West Writing Template found in the class Shared Files and using the guidelines provided in the West Writing Style Handbook.

Refer to the rubric in the class Shared Files for specific grading criteria.

Include a minimum of three sources, which may consist of readings from the University Library, class content, or other selections.

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Table 1.2 Business Significance of the Eight Unique Features of E-Commerce Technology E-COMMERCE TECHNOLOGY DIMENSION BUSINESS SIGNIFICANCE Ubiquity—Internet/Web technology is available everywhere: at work, at home, and elsewhere via mobile devices, anytime. The marketplace is extended beyond traditional boundaries and is removed from a temporal and geographic location. “Marketspace" is created, shopping can take place anywhere. Customer convenience is enhanced, and shopping costs are reduced. Global reach—The technology reaches across national boundaries, around the earth. Commerce is enabled across cultural and national boundaries seamlessly and without modification. "Marketspace" includes potentially billions of consumers and millions of businesses worldwide. There is a common, inexpensive, global technology foundation for businesses to use. Universal standards—There is one set of technology standards, namely Internet standards. Richness—Video, audio, and text messages are possible Video, audio, and text marketing messages are integrated into a single marketing message and consuming experience. Interactivity—The technology works through interaction with the user. Consumers are engaged in a dialog that dynamically adjusts the experience to the individual, and makes the consumer a co-participant in the process of delivering goods to the market. Information density—The technology reduces information costs and raises quality Information processing, storage, and communication costs drop dramatically, while currency, accuracy, and timeliness improve greatly. Information becomes plentiful, cheap, and accurate. Personalization/Customization—The technology allows personalized messages to be delivered to individuals as well as groups. Personalization of marketing messages and customization of products and services are based on individual characteristics Social technology–User content generation and social networks. New Internet social and business models enable user content creation and distribution, and support social networks.
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Running head: AMAZON WEBSITE


Amazon Website
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E-commerce is the online buying and selling of goods and services. Its activities entirely
involve the use of the internet to purchase or to make sales of goods and services. Many ecommerce websites have been developed all over the word to turn this into reality. According to
Varia, and Mathew (2014), Amazon is one of the websites that have been developed to enable the
online sales and marketing through the internet. In our discussion, we will look at Amazon in
perspective of the eight unique features and get to know which features it implements best and
which it doesn’t. The eight features are ubiquity, global reach, universal standards, richness,
interactivity, information density, personalization and social technology.
Features the Site Implements Well
Ubiquity is one feature that the Amazon website possesses in abundance. Its technology is
available anywhere, and customers can make a purchase or sell items at the comfort of their homes.
The Amazon Company has also created an application which can be installed on all computer
devices including phones. It is very easy to operate and very convenient for the Amazon website
users. The application is free of charge, and o...

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