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For the Unit II Assignment you will be answering a series of response questions applying concepts you learned in this unit reading (culture and socialization) to a culture different from your own.

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Exploring A Different Culture For this assignment, choose a culture different from your own and complete Part A, Part B, and Part C as follows: PART A: Introduce the Culture and Identify Folkways, Values, and Taboos (Mores) What culture did you research? Provide a brief introductory and background about the culture you researched. Why did you choose to research that particular culture? What is at least one interesting folkway in the culture? What is at least one important value in the culture? What is at least one taboo or more in the culture? *Please make sure to use concepts and terminology found in your textbook about culture and remember to distinguish which things are the folkways, values, and taboos in your assignment. Part B: Identify Two Agents of Socialization What are at least two agents of socialization that are central in teaching some of the particular cultural folkways, values, and taboos you presented? *Please, make sure to use terminology and concepts found in the textbook regarding agents of socialization as part of your discussion. Part C: Reflection What impact did studying this culture have on you? For example, did it reduce stereotypes you held about the culture or give you a greater appreciation for the culture? Did it help you understand more about the differences and similarities between your culture and the one you researched and help to differentiate between the different types of norms? For this Unit II essay assignment, ensure you follow the requirements below: 1. Answer all of the questions listed in Part A, Part B, and Part C in your assignment. 2. Please answer the response questions in essay-style format. You will not be rewriting each question and answering it. You will be creating an essay that addresses the response questions. 3. Use sociological terms and concepts from the textbook reading in your essay to demonstrate you understand and can apply the concepts. 4. Cite the textbook at least once and cite a web source at least once in the essay, so the assignment requires two sources. APA style in-text citations are required to show how the textbook and the source were used in your essay. An APA style reference list containing the textbook, the web source, and any other sources you cited in the assignment is also required. The essay should be approximately two to three pages and should use the following APA style components: APA style title page, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, and 12-point font. ...
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Culture and socialization




Chinese culture is practiced most part of eastern Asia, especially in China. Chinese
culture is one of the earliest ancient civilizations and it has varying customs and norms. Chinese
culture uses Chinese language, ceramics, martial arts, traditions, and festivals are practiced and
by people in Asia. Ancient Chinese culture followed the religion of the Buddhism, Taoism, and
Confucianism (Dingming, 2014). The Chinese worshipped Buddha in temples and holy shrines
and it influenced the Chinese traditional culture. Chinese language, philosophy, Arts and
Sciences, and literature has a strong influence on the people of China and other regions in Asia
(Dingming, 2014). The present-day Chinese culture is characterized by the ancient traditions and
a westernized lifestyle.
I chose Chinese culture due to the influence the Chinese have had in the recent years
around the world. Chinese ancient culture is also one of the oldest with over 5000 years of
practice in China and Asia (Dingming, 2014). Chinese culture is interesting to study due to its
enormous diversity and various cultural norms and values. With its long history, it is interesting
to study and understand the transformations that Chinese culture went through during different
period in history. One of the Chinese folkways is giving children luck money. Children are given
lucky money by their parent as the Lunar New Year gifts (Hsu, 2012). Another culture folkway
involves the wedding custom where the groom has to pick the bride up to show that getting
married is hard and the need for it to be cherished.
Chinese culture has several values that define the way of life. The culture has the value of
benevolence that is derived from the core values of Confucianism (Hsu, 2012). The value is
based on family ties, blood connections while extending to friendship and other social
relationship. It ensures the values of justice, courtesy, self-discipline, and honesty are instilled to
the people of China (Lihua, 2013). Another value is harmony where the Chinese try to find



harmony between people and societies as well as members of different communities. It seeks to
bring harmony to ...

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