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Need a PowerPoint presentation for the topic of Organizational change. I need to show this and give 3-5 mins of presentation. So, the presentation should be small and should have the content.

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Slide 1: Title and Name
Slide 2: Introduction
Organizational change involves movement from the present state of the organization to targeted state. It
takes place when an organization alters its operating procedures, technology, structures, or strategies.
Organizational changes affect employees, board of management, suppliers, and partners because it
influences the culture that defines commitment and operationalization of strategies in the organization.
Therefore, the management must pay attention to every change introduced in the organization to ensure
minimum disruption in operations and optimal output succeeding the change process.

Slide 3: Drivers of change in organization
Change in an organization can result from changes in workforce demographics such as declining number
of skilled professionals in a given sector, emergence of technology, globalization of business and trade,
changes in market condition forcing companies to adjust to either demand and operational costs, growth
projections, and underperformance of company, and acing competitiveness. Whichever the driver for
change, organizations are poised to experience resistance from internal and external sources. Examples of

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