Corporate Governance, Compliance and Risk Management (1000-word) and Editing Work

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General Assignment Requirements:

- You are to edit QUESTION C from 701 to 500 words without diluting the key points from the Risk Management Principles and Framework Portion.

- You are to answer Question D (500 words) and Question E (500 words)

D) What is understood by ‘a quality compliance monitoring programme’ and how such a programme can be executed under the direction and supervision of a senior compliance officer with emphasis on identifying exceptions and breaches and escalating them to designated personnel; and

E) How short-term training to the staff in key business units can be organised and the elements of a successful programme and measures to assess the impact of training.

- Refer to attached files for hints and guidelines

- Reference accordingly using Harvard referencing style.

- Please do the editing and continue writing from the file Wildflower's.docx

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