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For detailed information regarding outlines, introductions, thesis statements, and an APA references list, visit the Ashford Writing Center.

Review the assignment instructions for the Final Paper in Week Five. Submit an outline for your Final Paper that includes the following:

  • Develop an introduction with a thesis statement for the Final Paper.
  • Create an outline of the major headings with a two- to three-sentence description of what you will discuss under each heading.
  • Provide a references page for the sources used in the Final Paper (the Final Paper has a minimum requirement of five scholarly sources).
    • State the complete bibliographic citation for the scholarly source following APA guidelines

The outline must be two to three pages in length (excluding title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

Final Paper

You are the manager of Acme Fireworks, a fireworks retailer who sells fireworks, puts on ground display fireworks, and large aerial display fireworks. The company started in the owner’s garage two years ago and now has 15 employees that you manage. The company started as a sole proprietorship, and the owner has never changed the entity. The owner has informed you that the company has received inquiries from several large businesses wondering if the company could create several fireworks displays on a regular basis. The owner told the inquirers that the company could fill such display orders, and a price per display was agreed upon. It was discussed that most of the cost for a fireworks display is for skilled labor, insurance, and the actual service of setting off the fireworks. No other details were discussed. The owner is anticipating that new employees will need to be hired, but he is worried that if the large orders for fireworks displays do not continue, the company will not have the funds to pay the new employees. The owner is now considering changing the business entity, but he does not know what entity to form or how to form it.

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Running head: ACME FIREWORKS


Acme Fireworks


Acme Fireworks
Background information

The Acme Fireworks Company also identified as the ACME FIREWORKS Co., Ltd is
the worlds largest fireworks company whose headquarter is in Changsha, China. It deals in
fireworks production and supply (Dick, & Rader, 2014). The company manufactures and
supplies most of the 21st fireworks products thereby making it envy of many people worldwide.
Fundamentally, the Acme Fireworks is best known for its commitment to providing best price
display fireworks.

The products are ideal for many different occasions including home

decorations, restaurants or even town beautification. The company creates iconic brands such as
consumer cakes, firecrackers, artillery shells, fountains, stage fireworks, novelties, roman
candles, rockets, assortment pack among others (Raymond, & Leffler, 2017). Notably, the
Company dedicates to ...

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