I need a proposal for my paper and 8-10 sources which relates to my topic.

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Please provide a list of 8-10 academic sources for your project. For each, put in the bibliographic information in a standard citation format (APA, MLA, etc.) and provide one sentence each about the connection to your project.

The topic could be anything about a subculture.

For example, you could talk about an online game and it's skins, or fashion brands and their websites, etc.

But please be specific and answer the following question.

Please fill in the following info about your final project. Refer back to lecture notes if you need clarification on these terms and how to apply them to your project. You should type in a short description of your subculture, and a brief outline of the following:

• object = what do you want to examine in your research?
• question = what about your object interests you, and why?
• lens= whose work is informing your thinking?
• method = how are you going to try and find answers to your questions?
• presentation= how would you like to display your findings to your audience?

You are welcome to use any sources from here.(my attached file, which is the summary of readings in the class) or you can use any other sources.

But they have to be academic sources.

I only need half page of my proposal but please do a good source list.

The proposal is for a 10-page paper so please choose a topic that I can talk a lot about.

Tell me if you are confused about the prompt so I can give more information.

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Week 3-6 field notes Evelyn Xu January 30th – identity formations 1.In an exploration of different behaviors expressed by the crowd, Ralph Turner and Surace (1956) concentrated on the actions of a crowd in the demonstration. According to their research, the personal characteristics and behaviors were hidden and the expressed factors were uniform. While in a group, the individual variations are concealed such that a common attitude is expressed by all participants. According to this theory, the only way to identify and bring out the particular attitude of every member is to introduce an unambiguous symbol. This diverts the crowd from the common favorable situation and they act independently. The varied connotations lead to a delayed communal action. 2.The issue of cultures and their significance to the geographies of a place are discussed in this document. In his research, Paul Gilroy identifies the emergence of some cultures as a result of a discontinued history in different groups of people. A good example is the Black British culture which is as a result of under- and overdevelopment. This cultural formation led to a bi-lingual group and a politically controversial society which had a combination of blacks and whites, masters and their slaves, all combined into one peaceful and united community. This brought a new meaning to a cultural group. Feb 1st – Bodies and Sexuality 1.Judith Halberstam looks into a culture from a gender perspective. She identifies the role of the feminine gender in the entertainment world, especially in videos and drama. Since the invention of these items, a woman has been a critical part of the show where they get paid to entertain the viewers. A time came when the men also joined and they received the same treatment. This also came with the acceptance of gay practices which go legalized in the United States. Men became essential tools in the video performance and drag arenas. This is a culture which never existed before. 2.A country’s democratic environment can be likened to various scenarios. It is under such circumstances that Douglas and Adam came up with the graphic demonstration concerning the concept of AIDS to illustrate the issue of democracy. In their writing, they focus on two activist groups which handle different issues affecting the society. Their focus is to bring change to the social arena. The contents of their book can be likened to the relationship between democracy and those controversial factors such as elections, feminism, education and incurable diseases. The concept of art is expressed in this book as a cultural factor. 3.The behavior expressed by a community could be associated with the way the outside world describes them. Some cultures are thought to have been formed through removal or erasing of various factors from the original society. Debra Ferreday ventures into identifying various issues which could have been part of a community but are no longer there. These are the common behaviors such as eating disorders. The best way to understand and identify such situations is to have the members speak out their conditions for you to come up with the best conclusion. This prevents the outcry by these people as they face rejection and intolerance from other groups. Feb 6th: Autobiographers and self-documentation 1.A population can be easily controlled by coming up with statistics which directly relates to the general issues surrounding them. This happens in regions where there are huge companies willing to take control over the interests of the people around them. Such influence is outlined in a 2014 article by Dawn and Sherman as they explore the effects of big data to the society. The population actions can be easily monitored and directed by such data since it forms part of their daily interests. This includes issues such as business affiliations and participation in the public domain for common issues. 2.Culture has been discussed in a rather specific way by Gary Wolf. He identifies that people are controlled by timers in most of their lifetime. It is unlikely to find a person who is completely free to do what they like at their desired time. The reality of life is that there is a programmed timer which works to remind a person of their next activity. A data on life activities have formed a common part of the current society. This prevents us from keeping track of the simplest things that occur in our daily lives or in the lives of those around us. Feb 8th –Fans&Fanatics 1.A timeline of a culture is used in a rather positive way in bringing out the importance of that society. This is in the line of production history and theories surrounding the activities of the subterranean groups. The use of zines and underground research helps Stephen Duncombe to discover that there are several productive cultures which have made a significant contribution to the formation of the present society. The values and rules which defined such societies and cultures happen to be different from those present in the current societies. This effect can be traced back to the transformations which occurred in such groups of people. 2.A youth culture has been discussed by the use of a common activity which is carried out in most countries. Skateboarding is currently used as a leisure and entertaining activity. Also, it is a sport through which people venture and invest a lot of their resources. Iain Borden researched the history of this activity. He traces the event as an early youth culture in the urban regions. It has gone through numerous modifications and inventions to fit in the current world. This culture has made a significant contribution to the lives of young people and the government directly and indirectly. 3.A difference between people who are exposed to the technology and those who are not has been identified as a contributing factor to the development of various attributes. There are those who feel that they need to have the global connection for them to feel the connection. Lisa Nakamura explores the subject by looking at the introduction of technology in the early times. The difference between the old and the new culture in the wake of new technology is highly observable. The personal image and character got affected while the political views were diversified. This led to the formation of yet another culture of the elite. 4.Amateur manga is a subculture that has emerged in Japan among the young generation. The activities contained in this group are only fitting for the young due to their explicit and vigorous action. This subculture has introduced various characteristics which were nonexistent in the previous history of this land. Sharon explores the effects of this formation to the general public and the community’s future. According to her assessment, the culture is so strong among them due to the influence they get from each other and the free acts exhibited in their gatherings. These include homosexuality and teasing actions. Feb.13th- Activists &Hacktivists 1.Nancy Macdonald explores the culture of writers. This is a group which is involved in the expression of ideas through writing. Every writer has their own interests on a given topic. Also, they might have contradicting views on a particular issue. Their battle is expressed through putting down their views on paper and submitting it to their audience. This struggle and battle of wits could escalate into serious issues due to mere misunderstanding. Such a culture can be kept alive and important to the society if the participants can be brought together and made to reason in a better way whereby they understand each other. 2.The rise in the use of social media and other related technologies has caused a dynamic change in the political issues. The research by Biagioli seeks to identify the nature of effects which have emanated from this invention. There has been a lot of anonymity in the social media in matters which directly affect the running of political affairs. This culture has greatly influenced the development of a society which is using the social media to table the governance issues as well as making the anonymity factor a political concern. Therefore, politics have gained an entanglement with the ethical and accountability issues in the society. Feb 15th: Paranoia and Conspiracy Groups 1.A conspiracy has an effect on the position of a society on a certain issue. This can be seen in Knight’s research of 2008 concerning the attack on Germany. The majority of the young people in this country held a strong belief that the United States was to be held responsible for this act. Whether there is truth in the issue or not, there is a possibility that some conspiracy has been formulated by various authorities. Such issues have a strong effect on the beliefs of people due to the possibility of a revenge plan. The government has a role to play in the development of such ideas to the people. 2.Richard Hofstadter identified a political crisis existing among the American people. Although the situation seemed normal, there was a sense of the impending course of action which would escalate among the citizens. A group of minorities felt that there was a kind of disintegration and un-cooperation activities happening with the government. Therefore, there was a tendency of forming a reiteration act which would lead to violence. The minority had such style of mind which Richard describes as paranoid. The thought of being left out and being cut from the others was not in the plan of the larger politics of the country. ...
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Personality Shift among Facebook Users and Its Impact on Digital Communication


The personality shift among Facebook users and its impact on digital communication
This study seeks to establish the differences between the personality that Facebook
users establish on the internet how it impacts digital communication. Facebook is a subculture
of the wider social media culture. The following research questions will guide the study.

Does the personality that one adopt on Facebook differ from real life?

To what extent does it differ?

Does one trust the personality of the other online users?

How does this affect communication between Facebook users?
Various researchers have reported a difference in personality adopted by Facebook

users although there is little data to tie it to digital communicat...

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