HUS3000 Rasmussen Module 1 Fictitious Human Service Agency Assignment

HUS3000 Ethics and Professionalism in Human Services

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Module 01 - The Ethical Compass

Project Overview

For this course project you will develop a code of ethics for a fictitious human service agency. Your job is to develop a list of rules, regulations and guidelines to govern your employees' professional conduct. You will need to be specific and set clear expectations delineating those behaviors and practices which will not be tolerated. Your code of ethics will address the following work domains: Client-worker boundaries, documentation, mandated reporting, conflicts of interest, confidentiality, nepotism, personal relationships and interaction among colleagues and supervisors. The final submission will be a formalized document and should be approximately 5 pages in length. Include credible sources where required.

Due Date

There will be individual assignments along the way. The assignment and the module they are due are noted in bold on the time line below. As you can see, your first assignment "Worker-Client Boundaries" is due this module.

Time Line




Worker-Client Boundaries - past due


Mandated Reporting and Documentation - due 2/25/18


Conflicts of Interest - due 3/4/18


Confidentiality - due 3/11/18


Nepotism and Colleague Supervisor Relationships - due 3/18/18


Final submission - due 4/1/18

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Module 01 Course Project - Worker-Client Boundaries To help you complete this part of your submission, you are encouraged to use search engines and other Rasmussen resources. Review codes of ethics from various governing bodies and human service agencies. Do not copy their material but rather use the codes as a guideline and template. In a 1-2 page paper discuss the following: 1. The type of service your agency provides (Be brief with this information, as the greater focus should be on the rules and regulations). 2. Discuss worker-client boundaries. Consider the following: o Will you allow workers or clients to give and/or receive gifts? Is physical contact permitted? o Can workers share personal information with clients? o What type of contact with clients if any is permitted outside the agency setting? Can workers connect with clients on Face Book? o This list is not inclusive and you can address other worker-client rules as you deem appropriate. Module 02 Course Project - Mandated Reporting and Documentation For this section of the course project you will be asked to write agency policy regarding mandated reporting. • • • • • • Under what circumstances must a worker report abuse, neglect, danger to self or others etc..? Will there be a chain-of-command in the reporting process? Within what time-frame must hotline calls be made? What are your rules concerning documentation? Within what time-frame should it be completed? What types of documentation are not appropriate? Be specific. Give examples. The submission should be approximately 1 to 2 pages in length. Module 03 Course Project - Conflicts of Interest As you continue developing a code of ethics for your agency, this week you will be asked to address potential conflicts of interest. In a 1-2 page paper, address the following: • • • • What are your rules for serving clients who have close friends and family members who work for the agency? Will you permit coworkers to engage in social relationships/friendships outside of the work environment? Will you permit coworkers to date and/or engage in a romantic relationship? Will you permit workers to bring outside solicitation into the agency e.g. Girl Scout cookie forms, school fund raisers, private business ventures etc.? Module 04 Course Project- Confidentiality For this section of the course project you will provide rules for your agency's policy on confidentiality. In a 1-2 page submission, address the following: Will the workers be required to sign specific forms about stating that they will abide by the agency's confidentiality practices? • • • • What are the agency's rules for addressing a client in a public setting? Under what conditions, if any, can a worker share information concerning a client? What are the rules regarding client confidentiality in supervision or team meetings? How will you obtain a client's permission legally to share information with others? Module 05 Course Project- Nepotism and Colleague- Supervisor Relationships For this section of the course project you are being asked to address the issue of nepotism. Nepotism refers to the practicing of showing favoritism in hiring practices, by choosing family members or close friends over more qualified candidates. The practice also includes showing favoritism with close friends or family members who are already employed with the agency. In a 1-2 page paper include the following: What are your agency's policies about hiring friends and family members? Can a supervisor become romantically involved with a worker? Can a supervisor socialize with subordinates outside of the work environment? Module 06 Course Project- Final Submission Your final submission is due. Provide titles and subtitles for each section of project where appropriate. Your final submission should include a compilation of each section of the course project synthesized into one cohesive paper. Prior to submission, be sure to make changes and revisions based on your instructor's feedback. Review grammar and punctuation. Your paper should be a minimum of 5 pages in length. Submit your paper in APA format. ...
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Final Answer



Client Worker Boundaries
Student’s name:


Before beginning to offer a service, the human service professional will ensure that
he/she has the consent of the client and give room for the client to ask questions about the
service before agreeing to it. The professional should also inform the client that the freedom
to withdraw from the service at any time exists except when there is restraint by a court order.
The human service professionals will ensure that every client is treated with utmost
dignity and respect. They should prioritize the welfare of the client and integrity at all times.
This includes the client’s right to refuse or receive services.
The professionals should set before its onset nature, goals, and purpose and explain
the shortcomings of the helping relationship.
The human service professional should act appropriately in the case of looming harm
or danger due to the client’s behavior to protect and ensure the safety of both the client and
others who may be exposed to the risk. The professional should do this by either breaking the
confidentiality of the relationship, supervision or consultation.
Human service professionals in this agency ought to be aware that a client’s status or
power is insignificant and that all clients should be treated equally. The knowledge of this
should help them realize that multiple or dual relationships are bound to impair their
professional judgment, lead to exploitation of clients or increase risk or harm to the clients.
Reamer (1990) states that sexual relationships with current or previous clients are
prohibited as this may impair the human service professional’s judgment because it is not in
the best interest of the client. The human service professionals will, therefore, evaluate the
potential cost such as harm or exploitation and choose whether to refrain from the
relationship or continue with it. This includes romantic or sexual relationships with current or
former clients.


Reamer, F. G. (1990). Ethical dilemmas in social service. Columbia University Press.


Student’s Name:


The human service professionals should protect the client’s confidentiality and right
to privacy. Exceptions will be made under stated conditions such as federal, state or local
laws or when the confidentiality can cause harm to the client or others. However, the
professional should inform the client of these limitations before the onset of the service.
A professional may share or exchange confidential information with another
colleague to improve the quality of service offered to the client although it should be
conducted in a way that protects the client’ information....

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