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  1. Take a look at the attached lesson plan template. Complete the lesson plan and bring it with you to class on Monday, March 5th. Below you will find a brief reading about Big Ideas, Essential Questions, and Differentiated Instruction. You will also find a link to examples of Essential Questions. Overall, big-idea questions signal that education is not just about learning the answer, but about learning how to learn. Take a look below: Big Idea: Essential Questions: InstructionSee Handout. We will continue to talk about ways to differentiated instruction in class. Bring an electronic and/or hard copy of your lesson on March 5th.

    LessonPlanTemplate - EDUC 695.doc
    Differentiated Instruction Diagram.docx

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1. Lesson Plan Information
Subject/Course: Speaking and Listening/Functional Skills
Grade Level:
Topic: Effective Communication

Length of Period: 1 hour

2. Expectation(s)
Expectation(s) (Directly from Common Core Curriculum):
To demonstrate a clear understanding of effective communication.
Learning Skills (Where applicable). As students learn the content, what additional learning skills (e.g.,
writing, reading, vocabulary, etc.):
Writing, speaking, reading, vocabulary, and presentation
3. Content
What is the Big Idea that students will learn today?
Big Idea- Effective communication
What is the Essential Question I want them to answer?
What makes up effective communication?
Today learners will be able to (objectives):
Actively and passively listen
Complete word searches
Identify the barriers to effective communication

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