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In 300 words write up the following conversation with an educator: Interview an experienced educator or administrator what knowledge, skills, dispositions they feel are essential to be effective teachers and the reasons why they entered the field of teaching.

How much progress has the United States made in creating access to learning for all students? What are your feelings and thoughts regarding educational opportunities for all? Provide evidence to support your answer.


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Activity #1: Interview

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Activity #1: Interview
Interviewer: Thank you for joining me today. It is a great pleasure to have you in this interview.
I am particularly interested in how you became a teacher and your views on how to be an
effective educator. You have been a teacher at Evergreen High School for the last 13 years and
received numerous accolades and recognitions for your tremendous work. What knowledge,
skills, and dispositions do you think are essential to becoming an effective educator?
Mr. Johnsons: To become an effective educator, one needs to have proper knowledge, skills, and
dispositions. It is important for the teacher to master the subject they are teaching. This will give
them confidence when communicating the information to the students. Having a vast
understanding of the teaching subject helps the teacher formulate proper teaching strategies to
cater to various learners' needs.
The most important skill for every educator is good communication skills. A good teacher must
be able to convey their ideas with clarity. This creates a good learning environment where
learners listen actively and comprehend the subject. It is also crucial for teachers to easily adapt
to the ever-changing educational environment. The teacher must have the skills to integrate
technology into their teaching methods.
Being an effective teacher also requires one to have patience, empathy, and a true passion for
teaching. These attributes help create a nurturing learning environment that fosters student
Interviewer: Why did you become a teacher?
Mr. Johnson: I wanted to make a change in the society. I believe that learners need to get the
quality of education to achieve their academic ambitions. Over the years I have been a teacher, I

have developed numerous strategies to help learners be their best. I believe education is crucial
in driving change in the society.
Interviewer: Thank you for this informative interview. I am glad that you made time for this.


Interview: Conversation with Educator

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