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Need some help fixing my power point. Power point is on Air pollution in California. Also if you can please include notes

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AIR POLLUTION IN CALIFORNIA Your name Course and course number Due date Your faculty's name Overview of the selected issue ➢ Air pollution involves making the atmosphere impure or unsafe through addition of harmful substances and materials in the air. ➢ Air pollution may occur in various ways: industrial emissions, burning of charcoals, agricultural chemical sprays and vehicle exhausts. ➢ Polluted air may result to a number of impacts: illness such as asthma, acidic rains as well as global warming when the ozone layer is interfered with (Stern, 2014). Air pollution in California Air pollution in California The main forms of air pollution in California constitute of: • Smog and soot: Most of manufacturing and processing firms are releasing untreated smoke, smog and soot in the air resulting to air contamination. • Hazardous air pollutants: This is in the case whereby some companies are burning harmful fossils which in turn release toxics in the air. In California, we have a quite number of companies dealing with fossil products: among these companies are; ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell and BP. • Greenhouse gases: These gases are released from companies dealing with combustion of harmful substances such as coal, fossil fuels among other harmful substances. Among the greenhouse gases which have been causing air pollution California comprise of: Methane, Carbon monoxide, Fluorocarbons as well as Nitrogen Tetra trifluoride. • Pollen and mold: The pollen grains released from plants during the dry season form part off air pollution. effects of human activities on air pollution • Agricultural firms in California as part of human activities has impacted the environment negatively through using agrochemicals in spraying their crops. Most of these chemicals comprise of Sulphur and lead components which end up polluting the air. • Deforestation is another human activity which is said to cause air pollution in California. When people cut down trees the amount of carbon-dioxide in the air increase resulting to formation of acid rain which is harmful to human health. • Charcoal burning activities has been happening in some areas of California which increase air pollution through addition of harmful carbon monoxide in the air(Pepper & Carrington, 2009). effects of human activities on air pollution effects of human activities on air pollution ➢ After observing careless nature of human beings on our environment, I had to come up with this issue. ➢ As per my understanding humans should working hard to keep our environment safe and free from any form of pollution. ➢ Strict laws should be put in place to all human involved in air pollution. ➢ People should learn on the need of planting more trees in order to have clean air safe from any pollutants (Stern, 2013). ➢ Companies should treat harmful emissions before releasing them in the atmosphere biotic and abiotic environmental components involved in air pollution How energy and materials flow in your local ecosystem and how this is related to your selected issue ➢ Energy and materials in California flow within our environment from the manufacturing and processing companies. ➢ When they emit or burn the fossil fuels smoke is seen moving in to the atmosphere. ➢ Other materials such as dust from mines are driven by air to land on our environments. ➢ These dust particles impact both plants, human and animals. Stomata in plants are blocked meaning there is no more photosynthesis. ➢ Lastly, in case animals in the nearby park die, our air becomes fully contaminated through bad odor(Donald, 2001). Community actions to diminish air pollution in California ➢ People are being encouraged to plant more trees in order to get clean and safe air. ➢ Additionally, community members are encouraged to use ineffective agro-chemicals in their farms. ➢ Community members are working hand in hand with the state government to ensure companies using deadly fuels such as ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell and BP are burned. ➢ Communities are implementing strict laws against deforestation and charcoal burning in California Community actions to diminish air pollution in California References ➢ Donald, R. (2001). Air pollution. New York: Children's Press. ➢ Pepper, D., & Carrington, D. (2009). Modeling indoor air pollution. London: Imperial College Press. ➢ Stern, A. (2013). Air pollution. Burlington: Elsevier Science. ➢ Stern, A. (2014). Air Pollution. Elsevier Science. ...
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