New Testament

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A minimum if 1,000 words (total assignment) and three scholarly sources.APA format.

Textbook: Harris, S. L. (2014). The New Testament: A Student's Introduction (8th ed.). Dubuque : McGrawHill Education.

  • Define and describe the major literary forms (genres) contained in the New Testament.
  • Which part of the New Testament was written first? Who was the author and when did he write it?
  • evidence do we have of diversity in the early Christian community?What portrait of Jesus was painted in the “fifth gospel” of Thomas?
  • Discuss Jewish relations with Rome.What led to the Jewish Revolt of 66-73 CE, and what were its consequences for the Jewish people?
  • Why are Matthew, Mark, and Luke called the Synoptic Gospels?Define Synoptic and explain its applications to the first three Gospels.
  • According to the Synoptic accounts, what were Jesus’ characteristic modes of teaching?Define the term parables and aphorism, and give examples of each.
  • Describe some of the scholarly methods used to study the Gospels.Define these scholarly terms, and explain how each functions in analyzing a document: historical criticism, literary criticism, and narrative criticism.

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New Testament
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New Testament

The New Testaments revolves and reflects on the story of the Lord Jesus Christ and the
aspect of Christianity including the eternal life. The book rather provides reach information
regarding the life of Jesus Christ, his teachings, crucifixions enhancing Christian's insight and
general know-how about Jesus Christ. Various scholars have tried to explain different aspects of
the bible especially the New Testament by illustrating multiple aspects including literary
elements in the overall context. Harris (2014), affirms the existence of different forms of literary
(genres) existing within the gospel. These are the forms of writing employed by the author in
explaining to in-depth the meaning of the gospel and how it can elevate our understanding
generally. Some of the forms of writings that have been used by the author specifically in the
New Testament include Gospel, Letters and the Epistles, Apocalyptic, history of the church, Acts
and Revelations. The New Testaments has been identified as a library of books containing
majorly different types of books such as Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John written over centuries
by different authors to reiterate distinct functions relating to the Christ and Christianity aspects.
Other Literature elements that are presented in the New Testament are the history of the
bible. For instance, the book of Mathew is introduced by providing the history of Jesus
especially in the lineage of Joseph and his relationship with the descendant of Abraham.
Similarly, the book of Acts contains several aspects of early forms of churches and different
activities that they carry out regarding their morals and rules altogether. Mark, Luke, and John
have tried to reflect upon the history of Jesus Christ through His missions and ministries
throughout His life as the Christ. Thirdly, New Testaments is characterized by the Epistles which
mainly include letters which were addressed to the ancient churches by their Apostles (Harris
2014. Such letters were directed to the Christians who had developed a divergent action that was



contrary to the opinions and ways of the new form of religions. The letters were specific and
most of the reasons for their composition was to shun the evil ways that most religions were
practicing and follow the work of Christ. Lastly, New Testament is endowed with apocalyptic
writing genre that refers to the aspect of predicting the future. Some of these books either warn
or prepares us to be knowledgeable about what will happen in future through a secretive imagery
and insight.
The letters were the first book of the apostles that was written by Paul. At around 50 to
100 CE, letters were the first book of the gospel in the New Testament that was written first by
Paul by reflecting much on the Christianity aspects and the religious antiques among many
individuals within the society. He had much familiarity with the customs and views of the Jews
within the period of between 60 to 80 CE. The book is allegedly written by an apostle Paul who
was trying to reflect on the lives and ministry of Jesus Christ through giving an overview of what
the Jews were practicing through shunning out some of the deeds that were carried out among
the Jews. The proceeds of Marks (Mathew, Luke and John …) heavily borrowed many aspects of

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