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need talk about the customers and competition, life at second food bank ,opportunities and professional growth ,swot analysis(detail about swot)

also i post example file of Bay area rapid transit ,PLS double check grammar very important

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Bay Area Rapid Transit “Providing safe, reliable public transportation for the Bay Area Company Analysis: Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Background and Industry Information The Bay Area Raid Transit is a public high-speed rail system that connects the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, and San Mateo. By 2018 BART will extend service to Santa Clara County. The state legislature founded BART in 1957 because of the need for efficient public transportation due to suburban growth. The San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit Commission (SFBART) was established, comprised of representatives from each of the nine counties , which touch the Bay. There are about 3,415 employees. Headquarters are located in the Kaiser Building at 300 Lakeside Drive in Oakland, California. The company is known for getting passengers to their destinations in a timely fashion by getting them out of their vehicles, which is also good for the environment. There are other transit agencies in the Bay Area such as San Francisco Municipal Railway, East Bay Transit, County Connection, SamTrans, Valley Transportation Authority, and CalTrain. However, these agencies are bus transit agencies, which are different from BART's rail system. CalTrain is a rail system that travels between San Francisco and San Jose. The SFBART Commission stated that, "If the Bay Area is to be preserved as a fine place to live and work, a regional rapid transit system is essential to prevent total dependence on automobiles and freeways." The system opened in the 1970s and hours of operation were 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. weekdays. Today BART operates seven days a week - Monday through Friday, 4:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.; Saturday, 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.; and Sunday, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. Two thirds of BART's revenue is from the farebox and the remainder is from sales taxes. BART gets $200 million a year from sales taxes. The problem is sales taxes fluctuate depending on the economy: For fiscal year 2016 the BART board of directors approved $1.57 billion for operating and capital costs to increase passenger capacity and improve on-time performance. Products and Services The Bay Area Rapid Transit provides a public high-speed rail system to transport passengers between the San Francisco Peninsula and cities in the East Bay. There is service to the Oakland International Airport and the San Francisco International Airport. There are forty-five stations throughout the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, and San Mateo. Bart will extend service into Santa Clara County by 2018. Hours of operation are from 4 A.M. to midnight on weekdays, 6 A.M. to midnight on 43 12 Life at Bay Area Rapid Transit Transportation Supervisors must join the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Union (AFSCME). Transportation Supervisors work forty hours per week, and sometimes work overtime. Transportation Supervisors have assigned work schedules selected in seniority order. A work schedule consists of forty hours per week with two consecutive days off. There are morning and swing shift assignments. Every Transportation Supervisor reports to one of three Assistant Chief Transportation Officers: Paul Liston, Randall Roderick, or Linda Vasquez. The pay rate for a Transportation Supervisor is $7.966.66 - $9,615.75 per month. BART employees receive medical insurance, retirement medical insurance, dental insurance, vacation pay, sick pay, family ride privileges on BART, CalPERS pension, and a 401(a) savings plan. This position includes administrative and customer service responsibilities. As a Transportation Supervisor I would coordinate daily station or yard operations, handle emergency situations, prepare operational reports, and complete other assigned duties. Transportation Supervisors work closely with other Transportation Supervisors and various other employees from other departments such as Automated Fare Collection, Buildings, Communications, Engineering, Finance, Grounds, System Service, and Treasury. Opportunities and Professional Growth The Bay Area Rapid Transit is a large agency with 3,415 employees. It is a hierarchy with many departments, which means there are more opportunities to transfer positions between departments. Most job openings at BART are only open to current BART employees. This allows for better opportunities for growth with less competition from outside applicants. Some jobs at BART require a college degree, but many positions don't, especially entry-level positions. However, there is some blatant nepotism in BART's hiring practices. I am interested in the position of Transportation Supervisor. The minimum qualifications for Transportation Supervisor are: o Associate's Degree in transportation or business administration Three years operational experience in transportation Two years supervisory experience in a rail transportation setting Applying BART's safety and emergency policies and procedures Clear oral and written communication O O O 45 I currently meet the minimum requirements for this position and I am getting a bachelor's degree in business management to increase my education for the position. I want to be the best candidate for the position. I BID DIA SWOT Analysis A TE i 2010 ons die Strengths Weaknesses guna 09 90 Train delays due to single-tracking Higher daily ridership than competitors or medical emergencies • BART union employees can shut Serves four bay area counties the system down by going on Cell phone coverage on trains strike Electric rail system improves air No free internet on trains quality and minimizes energy to vino b consumption His 8 10 toob Has its own police department Opportunities Threats biobollsbol 10 Isibo 2 olamo 21.210.92-00 2011 • Expanding 16.3 miles into Santa Terrorist attacks 0190 Clara County • Interruption of service from Proposed expansions to protestors Brentwood and Livermore bu Crime lembrood blow to you Adding 365 new cars to its fleet bolemot as roue bodo molto mort no bodian girono Strengths obu 1001 swot Isroiglot binho Hogg wo, Approximately 400,000 passengers take BART daily in the bay area. BART's competition does not have nearly as many passengers. East Bay Transit comes in second at 193,000 daily riders and Valley Transportation Authority has 142,000. BART is the only transportation system in the bay area to serve four counties. Passengers get cell phone coverage in stations, on platforms, and in trains even through tunnels and the Transbay Tube. BART trains help the environment by providing electric rail service to improve air quality and keep people out of their cars to minimize energy consumption. BART has a police department to respond to crimes and accidents on BART property. It's a huge advantage for BART to have its own police force because having officers on property reduces response times. Weaknesses When a train has mechanical problems this causes train delays. Single-tracking is implemented to get trains in both directions past the disabled train. This means several trains will travel in the same direction on one track while other trains traveling in the opposite direction must wait. Once the trains have passed through the area, then the waiting trains are sent through the same track. This can cause major train delays. Medical emergencies also cause train delays. If a passenger on a train is sick or has an incident like a heart attack, the train must hold until the paramedics can remove the passenger from the train. If a passenger jumps into in tackway to commit suicide, BART police officers investigate the accident and the coroner must declare the person is dead before the body can be removed. This causes major system-wide delays. The three unions representing station agents, train operators, janitors, automobile and train mechanics, elevator/escalator technicians, fare collection equipment technicians, and Transportation Supervisors must belong to one of the three unions at BART: Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1555, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1021, and American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 3993. In 2013 these unions went on strike at BART, which caused traffic congestion on the freeways throughout the bay area and major gridlock on the Bay Bridge. There's no free internet in the stations or on the trains because BART ended internet service with Wi-Fi Rail in January 2015. Opportunities BART's 16.3-mile expansion into Santa Clara County will bring job opportunities to the bay area. This project is the largest public works project the south bay has ever seen and it's ahead of schedule and on budget. Phase I of the extension project to Brentwood is underway. Ten miles of new track will be installed during this first phase of the plan to extend service to Antioch. This project will not use the standard BART trains now in operation. Instead the trains will be independently propelled railcars that do not need train operators. . BART's proposed project to Livermore is a 4.8-mile extension. The project will link BART to express bus services and then to rail service at the ACE Station. BART is adding 365 new cars to its fleet bring the total number to 775. The extra cars will help avoid overcrowded cars during commute hours for better service for BART's passengers, Threats performed throughout the day and any unattended packages or The Department of Homeland Security awarded BART $17.4 million to secure the Transbay Tube against any potential terrorist attacks. BART police officers and frontline employees are trained for emergencies and terrorist attacks. Station inspections are BART police officers. If a train approaches the Transbay Tube with an unattended bags are intercepted by
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Second Harvest Food Bank Company Analysis
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Second Harvest Food Bank Company Analysis
Typically, the Second Harvest Food Bank Company is non-profit making organization
that seeks to solve hunger issues in the community. The company seeks to donate food to the
hunger-stricken families and also sell them food at lower prices. This paper addresses the
Second Harvest Food Bank Company analysis concerning competition, customers,
opportunities, professional growth. The paper also has detailed Swot analysis and life at a
second food bank in general.
In essence, the corporation is non-profit making entity is US Florida state targets
donators as its customers. The firm seeks to attract many donors to support their feeding
program to enable them to fight hunger by feeding the low-income families who cannot a...

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