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please see the attachment and write one paragraph for each. Less than half a page each. thanks. total of 3 critiques

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One paragraph for each. Less than half a page each. thanks 1- Please use a short paragraph to introduce yourself, what your major is, interests, favorite movie and most least-liked movie that you have seen. Next, watch a film of your choosing, selecting from the American Film Institute's Top 100 list (enclosed link with this assignment). You should be able to access a film of your choosing from NetFlix, Amazon or even YouTube (and others). Write a short paragraph, describing why you chose the film and your opinion of it (whether you liked it or not, and what you think of its importance). You do not have to descibe what the film is about--just your thoughts on it. Thanks! https://www.afi.com/afis-100-years-100-movies-10th-anniversary-edition/ 2- Movie: Bridge of Spies (2015) Write a short paragraph on the use of communication in the thriller, Bridge of Spies. How did communication help Tom Hanks' character negotiate a dangerous deal involving humans? 3- Movie: Searching (2018) Write an opinion on the use of communication involving today's technology and the story you just watched.
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In the first critique, please input your name and major for the basis of introduction ,,,Thanks again

Critique 1:
Hello! My name is

and I have a major in

. During my free time, joy comes from swimming

and gaming. Completing complex tasks in video games offers a similar satisfaction to floating
effortlessly through the water. My all-time greatest movie is 'The Shawshank Redemption."
Encompassing themes of hope and resilience, "The Shawshank Redemption" captivates me
through its narrative, making it my preferred movie. On the other hand, I disliked "Movie 43"
quite a bit; it was crude and lacked a clear narrative flow. I selected to watch "Titanic," which is
included ...

This is great! Exactly what I wanted.


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