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Status vs role.

student, athlete, son/daughter. significant other/partner. high school drop out, inmate

What are your roles? ( labels, expectations, tasks associated with each status)

role conflict: conflict that someone feels between roles because the expectations attached to one role are incompatible with the expectations of another role

role performance: the ways in which someone performs a role within the limits that the role provides; showing a particular style or personality

status: the position that someone occupies

status inconsistency: ranking high on some dimensions of social class and low on others; also called status discrepancy

status set: all the statuses or positions that an individual occupies

status symbols: signs that identify a status

role strain: conflicts that someone feels within a role

achieved status: a position that is earned, accomplished, or involves at least some effort or activity on the individual's part

ascribed status: a position an individual either inherits at birth or receives involuntarily later in life

master status: a status that cuts across the other statuses that an individual occupies

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MEDIA, OUR SOCIAL WORLD AND ME For our mid semester assignment, we will do some reflecting on the significance of media in our lives. We will analyze its power and influence. The assignment is in two parts. First……. Tell me your media schedule. How many hours of “screen time” would you say you have each day. Be honest. This includes time on your phone , on your computer, ipad ( any device) watching videos, listening to music , on social media , watching movies or any other entertainment. Are you simply a product of your environment? Could you do without it? Have you tried? Is it consuming your life? Is it an obsession? Why? Why not? How has your screen time impacted your life? Elaborate How has it changed society? Elaborate What perceptions and stereotypes are created? Are they true or false? Second…….. Research and select one of the following: a movie, commercial/ad, television show, song/song lyrics, video game, website or blog that relay messages to society and possibly promote behaviors. These messages and/or behaviors can be positive or negative and can be of goodwill and very empowering. The messages could also perpetuate gender stereotypes or can be perceived as racist, sexist, or somehow misinterpreted in society. • Analyze your selection thoroughly. • Relay what you believe to be the message that was conveyed. • Discuss possible backlash of the message. • Discuss who you believe to be the audience that the message is geared toward. • Discuss how and why it could be misinterpreted. • Discuss how adults may interpret it differently than children. • Discuss possible controversy or support surrounding your selection • Include any other thoughts about your selection Summarize your media piece in an essay format addressing the bullet points above and more that you have derived. *Additionally, research a supporting source (article, journal etc) to highlight the concepts that you have identified in your paper. ***Remember to cite your sources and media selection **** Papers should be 4- 6 pages in length. ...
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Media, Our Social World and Me




Media, Our Social World and Me
Technology and the various inventions that are derived from its application have
contributed to informing us of the events that are happening in our society, the issues that have
positive and negative impacts on our lives, and most importantly serve as a communication and
social interaction tools. Media technology is an aspect of the overall subject that is most utilized
because of the significant role it plays in dissemination information and establishing
relationships within and outside our community. For example, electronic and print media are
used as both economic and political platforms for sharing idea and providing solutions to
problems that affect our lives. While one can continue to explain and describe the importance
and impact of the several technologies on our lives, the focus of this reflective paper is to analyze
the connection between media technology, the consumers, and social world around them
Part 1: Description of my Media Schedule
An ideal approach to evaluate the link between the media consumption and social
connection is to review the schedule of an individual, which is the author of this paper, on the
different types of media platforms. In my case, typical media consumption schedule begins with
the use of my phone to check for text messages from friends and colleagues, as well important
email messages that require immediate action. Once this routine is completed, the music system
is turned on as I switch to social media platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and
Instagram for updates on event that I was foll...

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