Human Biology (Vitamins and Minerals)

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Give one example for each (One vitamin and one mineral)

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Nutrition The food we eat can be rich sources of both vitamins and mineral.  Given this, the question is whether we need to take vitamin and mineral supplements (usually pills or capsules) to augment the quantities of vitamins and mineral we get through food?  Define the term “nutrition”.  Discuss why nutrition is important to health.  Why vitamin and mineral sources are important to human body?  Identify the deficiency disorders associated with minerals and vitamins.  Example: on a table, show the vitamins and minerals (sources, function, symptoms of deficiency) . 1- Essay (or Short Report) - individual10% 2- Format: typing, Font (12), Arial, double space, 1 inch margin, 1500-2000 words (6-8 pages) excluding title page, references and Tables) 3- Divide to three sections: (Introduction, Discussion, and Conclusion) 4- one page ( title, name, student number, and date) 5- One page for References. You should include  At least 5 references .  Number your references and it should be in order (the author’s last name in alphabetic). APA standard format (American Psychological Association  Wikipedia & Encyclopedia are not accepted. 6- You must include tables in appendix.  Number, title , and include citation for your tables. 7- Copying ( Plagiarism) from internet, old assignments or from any other sources YOU WILL GET ZERO (0) in your essay. 1. Allow to copy only 10% 2. 50 % and more you will get ZERO (0) 8- When you submit your essay In Trunitin file , exclude your tables and Figures. 9-You must submit a complete hard copy of your essay.  Deadline for submitting (turnitin file) your essay on: Wednesday, March 14, 2018 ...
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Human Biology
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Human Biology
Human being body requires many nutrients for efficient body functioning. The
body absorbs these nutrients from the food that one consumes. This means that without
some of the nutrients then the human body cannot function properly. It is therefore very
essential for the human beings to ensure that they consume food that is nutritious to
have a healthy body and ensure that all the body process run accordingly. In this paper,
I will be discussing nutrition, the meaning of nutrition and its importance, vitamins and
minerals importance to the human body and finally the disordered that are associated
with vitamins and minerals.
Nutrition is the intake of food concerned with the body diet needs. Nutrition,
therefore, refers to the organic process whereby an organism assimilated food and use
it for growth, development, and maintenance (Gibney, Vorster, & Kok, 2002). A person
can have good or bad nutrition. Good nutrition included intake of a well-balanced diet
and doing exercise, and this makes the person lead a healthy life. Poor nutrition is the
cornerstone of the body problem as it leads to reduced immunity, increased
susceptibility to diseases, impaired physical and mental development and reduced
productivity. Nutrition covers the study of the nutrients in the food, how the body used
nutrients and the relationship that exists between food, health, and disease. A nutrient is
a component of food that is the major source of nourishment. We have two types of
nutrients micronutrients and macronutrients. The human body needs macronutrients in



large quantity and micronutrients in relatively small quantities. Examples of
micronutrient are the carbohydrate, proteins, fiber, and water. Some macronutrient
provides energy while others do not. Examples of micronutrients are mineral and
Importance of nutrition
Nutrition is essential to the human being bodies as it has several benefits. Some
of the importance of nutrition is discussed below; diet provides energy, energy is
necessary for the body to function well in the day-to-day activities. The intake of food
like carbohydrate offer this essential energy. Once a person has consumed carbs, they
are then broken down and stored in the muscles as glycoge...

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