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(a) (b) Define Urbanization. Describe the process of urbanization and illustrate the process with drawings as explained in the class. Describe two major causes of urbanization. (a) Transportation has facilitated the growth and development of cities. List ten (10) factors that helped transportation for the growth of cities. (b) Explain two (2) of the factors. (a) How many major travelling classifications do we have that covers ALL modes of travel? (b) Identify these major classifications. tc) Describe one of the classifications. td) What are the two (2) major services served by these classifications. -(a) What are the basic steps for the transportation planning process? (b) Explain any two (2) of the steps. (c) Name five (5) of the major factors that influence the planning of a transportation corridor. (d) Explain any two (2) of the major factors. (a) b) (C) (d) Name five (5) of the transit modes commonly used in cities. What is the meaning of CBD? Eestent permes, Which two (2) of the modes will be optimal for CBD? Explain why? (a) Define and explain travel demand forecasting. (b) How many factors do we consider in travel demand forecasting process? 3 (c) Identify and explain these factors as explained in the class. (a) Explain briefly quantitative and qualitative methods in evaluating transportation alternatives. (b) Name two (2) advantages and disadvantages of the quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods in transportation projects.
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Question 1
Part a
Urbanization is a process which involve shifting of people from rural to urban areas. Alternatively,
it’s defined as the process involving gradual increase in the proportion of individuals staying in
urban areas and the ways through which every society adapts to the change.
Part b
As stated above, the process of urbanization involves increase of population in urban areas. This
occur after people have shifted rural centers to town centers. Normally, the process of urbanization
occurs due to industrialization. Industries and factories in urban areas create more job opportunities
thus drawing more people to cities. Through industrialization, urbanization occur due to highdemand for factory and industrial labor. The image below illustrates the process of
industrialization due to shifting of population from rural to town centers.

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The main factors causing urbanization are high unemployment rates in rural areas and

seeking for better facilities such as clean water and medical services. As stated above, urban areas
have more industries and factories as compared to rural areas. In such a case, people shift from
rural to urban areas as a way of securing job vacancies. Moreover, urban areas are associated with
better facilities such as clean water, better transport and quality medical care. Through shifting to
urban areas people are guaranteed of better services.
Question two
Part a



Social factors


Employment opportunities




Cheap and available labor


Availability of materials for construction of transport sy...

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