Who is to blame for our false consciousness – ourselves or someone else?

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Who is to blame for our false consciousness – ourselves or someone else? Plato, Kant, Huxley, Chomsky, and de Graaf each give an account of how the “prison for the mind” is designed and operated by outside agents. Yet those writers believe that a person has the capacity to free him/herself from that prison. So if we are locked in the prison for the mind, who is to blame -- those who designed and operate the prison, or ourselves for lacking the courage to think our way out of it? Summarize the positions of at least four of the above authors, and then take a position on the issue. Your paper should begin with the statement of your position (the thesis of the paper). Then it should summarize the authors (this will be the bulk of the paper.) Then it should make the case for your position. Talk about Plato's Allegory of the Cave, Huxley's Brave New World, and John de Graaf's affluenza.

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False Consciousness
Self-consciousness is the idea of human beings not only being aware of the world around
them but also developing awareness of themselves in terms of their own bodies, the activities
happening around them and also their mental lives. In more simplified terms, then it can be said to
be aware of oneself (Philosophy). False consciousness, on the other hand, involves holding beliefs
that are false and also come in contrary to a person’s personal or social interest. This greatly
contributes to maintaining of a disadvantaged position of the self or the group (Banaji). This paper
focuses on seeks to look into whether false consciousness blame should be made on ourselves or
other people. Plato. Kant, Graaf, Chomsky, and Huxley all give an explanation of how the ‘prison
for the mind’ is made and operated by external agents. This writer though believes that the capacity
for one to free themselves from the ‘Prisons for the mind’ lies within them. The question that
remains then is that who carries the blame? Should it be blamed on the designers and the operators
of the prison, or should the blame fall on ourselves for not gathering enough courage to free
ourselves? I believe that the potential to rise above false consciousness all lies within ourselves.
This paper is going to look at the works of Plato, Kant, Graaf, and Huxley regarding false believe
and then make a case regarding my stated position.

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Plato’s Allegory of the Cave
The book, ‘The Republic’ by Plato is a climax of his philosophy and it is mainly concerned
with the way people receive knowledge regarding beauty, justice and good. The Allegory Of The
Cave in the book uses a metaphor of a prisoner who was chained in the dark to explain the
challenges experienced in trying to reach and maintain just and intellectual spirit. According to
Plato, the cave is a representation of the world, i.e. the life region shown to us through the sense
of sight only. Ascending out of the cave is the soul’s journey into the region of those who are
intelligent. He outlines that the path to enlighten is hard and painful and thus, this makes it essential
for one to go through four development stages; being imprisoned in the cave (a representation of
the imaginary world), release from the chains, this is a real/ sensual world. The third stage is
ascending out of the cave, to him...

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