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Nutrition The food we eat can be rich sources of both vitamins and mineral.  Given this, the question is whether we need to take vitamin and mineral supplements (usually pills or capsules) to augment the quantities of vitamins and mineral we get through food?  Define the term “nutrition”.  Discuss why nutrition is important to health.  Why vitamin and mineral sources are important to human body?  Identify the deficiency disorders associated with minerals and vitamins.  Example: on a table, show the vitamins and minerals (sources, function, symptoms of deficiency) . 1- Essay (or Short Report) - individual10% 2- Format: typing, Font (12), Arial, double space, 1 inch margin, 1500-2000 words (6-8 pages) excluding title page, references and Tables) 3- Divide to three sections: (Introduction, Discussion, and Conclusion) 4- one page ( title, name, student number, and date) 5- One page for References. You should include  At least 5 references .  Number your references and it should be in order (the author’s last name in alphabetic). APA standard format (American Psychological Association  Wikipedia & Encyclopedia are not accepted. 6- You must include tables in appendix.  Number, title , and include citation for your tables. 7- Copying ( Plagiarism) from internet, old assignments or from any other sources YOU WILL GET ZERO (0) in your essay. 1. Allow to copy only 10% 2. 50 % and more you will get ZERO (0) 8- When you submit your essay In Trunitin file , exclude your tables and Figures. 9-You must submit a complete hard copy of your essay.  Deadline for submitting (turnitin file) your essay on: Wednesday, March 14, 2018 ...
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Running head: NUTRITION





Over the recent past, there has been a paradigm shift in lifestyles, and this has
led to many illnesses among people. The way an individual takes care of their health
through eating habits and exercising serves an important role in keeping the body
healthy and free from diseases. This paper, therefore, seeks to explore the concept
nutrition, its importance to health, gives reasons as to why mineral and vitamin sources
are important to the human body as well as coming up with deficiency disorders which
are associated with both vitamins and minerals.
Nutrition is a process in which there is an intake of food and using the same food
for metabolism, growth and body repair. For the process to be complete, there is taking
in of food, absorption, assimilation of the food, biosynthesis, catabolism, and excretion.
According to World Health Organization (WHO), nutrition is the intake of food that is
considered necessary to the body’s dietary needs (Mahan, 2004).
Importance of Nutrition to Health
Nutrition is crucial to health in many ways. in many cases when a person visits a
doctor with some ailments, one gets the advice that one needs to have good nutrition to
avoid diseases. What this means is that there are two types of nutrition. That is, there is
good nutrition and poor nutrition. Ideally, proper nutrition is when a person’s intake is
composed of a balanced diet while on the other hand, poor nutrition has no balanced
diet hence making a person prone to many illnesses. With this, therefore, nutrition has
its importance to health. For instance, a person who eats a balanced diet is in good
condition than an individual who does not take a balanced diet. Arguably, nutrition is



important to health for various reasons. For example, nutrition helps one to maintain
good health which reduces the expensiveness brought about by living an unhealthy life.
Ideally, having good nutrition means that one takes a good and balanced diet which
helps them to live a healthier life hence avoiding such diseases as cancer, obesity, and
heart-related diseases. A person who has unhealthy diet faces many challenge...

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