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I have an assignment which writes a comment on others' posts. The assignment is:

For each reflection, you are also required to comment or discuss others’ posts 3 times. Your reflection will be graded upon not only the number of your post, but also the depth of your insights and reflections and the relevance to the course material.

Others posts in the attachment.

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First post For the assignment I interviewed my sister, colleague and neighbor. Considering they each know me in different capacities I was almost certain their responses would be diverse. 1. How did others describe you? Based on my interviews, I recognized the fact that I am extremely persistent if there is something that I am aiming to achieve or have a goal to accomplish. I was described as being determined, goal orientated, strong willed and straight forward. My sister knowing me the longest had a good point. She stated although I may be persistent this is not always the case, it all depends on the situation. My coworker who thought I was persistent most of the time, also mentioned I was a bit inpatient. I can definitely see this! I am one that likes to meet deadlines and not waste any time if there is a goal in mind. My neighbor stated she definitely sees me as persistent, but “in a good way”. When I asked her to elaborate she referred to be returning to school to obtain my MBA. She stated that in itself demonstrates persistence and tenacity. 2. Were the descriptions what you expected? I cannot say I was surprised. I am aware of my characteristics, but I was shocked that unanimously I was considered to be extremely persistent. Although I know I do not give up easily, I did not realize it was evident. Far too often we go on with our day and make decisions not realizing that others may be observing you. 3. What, if anything, did they say that surprised you? Other than everyone stating how persistent (borderline stubborn) I am, there was nothing that surprised me a great deal. I did learn that I need to listen more rather than making an immediate decision. This is definitely some word of advice I can learn from while negotiating. Second post For the interviews I chose to interview my assistant at work, my friend, and my mother. Surprisingly, all of their answers were pretty similar. I believe I negotiate the least with my assistant since I am an authoritative figure to her. She sees me negotiate with others frequently tho. I was described as persistent. I do not give up or move on quickly from a negotiation. This is something that all three people touched on. I will talk until I am blue in the face to get my way when I am confident in my argument. If I really believe in something or want something I will make sure that I find a way for it to happen. I am most likely to use logical explanation during a negotiation. Especially in the work place, I mostly use logical explanation. In my personal life I use some more emotional appeal and guilt. At work, I often will exchange with others, whether they be employees or clients. When asked what could make me a better negotiator, my mom and friend both said I could meet people in the middle and not always have to get my way. I was not surprised when everyone said that I do not give up in a negotiation. Sometimes I even think to myself I could be a little softer and give a little more. I try to use logic in all decisions that I make and not let emotion play too much of a part. It did not surprise me that all of the interviews also came up with that answer. I was a little surprised at how different kinds of negotiation are used in different areas of my life. I am much more likely to exchange at work in a business setting and I rarely, if ever, do that in my personal life. Third post I asked four people who know me quiet well to answer the interview questions, they all had similar answers to the questions regarding how i am very persistent, how i don't give up easily and my competitiveness. From all four i was told i was very persistent if it is something that i really want to achieve, and that i won't give up easily unless it is something which i didn't really want or need. My competitiveness ranged depending how the person knew me, my friends and family that answered knew i was very competitive, however my colleagues not so much. The answers they gave were round about what i was expecting but it is also nice to know that i am consistent in my life from friends, to colleagues to family. I do try to be myself around everyone so this is probably why the answers came back very similar in all categories. I wasn't necessarily surprised at any of the answers they gave but from this exercise i am going to take away some of the points they offered for me to become a better negotiator, one in particular would be to try different approaches if one doesn't work. ...
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Post 1
I like the way you chose the people you interviewed to give their opinions on which you
really are. You chose a person at home and one who is very close to you as well as an individual
at the workplace. This way, you are able to know if you are the same person at home as well as
work. The individuals at home and the place of work tend to know you better as all of them
describe you as a persistent person. Being a persistent individual is an ...

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