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Week 4: Origins and Progress of the Cold War (CO 9)

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9Given the global political, economic, and cultural dominance of the Unites States after World War II to the present, characterize the position of the Unites States in terms of both positive and negative impacts on the world’s developing nations.

World War II had not even ended when a new, even more protracted, conflict began. This week we’re going to look at the Cold War and its impact on the United States the Soviet Union, and the rest of the world, especially those new nations who were just emerging from under the yoke of colonialism at the end of World War II.

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The US Position after the Word War II
Undoubtedly, the World War II was the awakening of the United States to become the
most powerful as well as an influential country in the world. Regardless of the fact that many
people lost their lives during the war, nonetheless, its sudden rise marked the continued peace
even after the end of that war and also the cold war which was mainly “plunged by proxy
conflicts,” (Craig and Radchenko 23). As a result, the US has maintained a political, economic
and cultural dominance to the present day. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to characterize the
position of the US in terms of both positive and negative impacts on the world’s developing
Positive Impacts
As noted by McCauley, (65), the US has had the highest gross domestic product (GDP)
which has maintained a steady increase as compared to other developing nations. Notably,
during the world war two, the US economic status was revived by combining all the efforts of its
people. The war bonds, as well as other activities which generated income, were rampant
throughout the nation and this played a primary role in reviving the dying economy of the US.
Some of the items that were needed for the war included; planes, tanks, medicinal supplies, just
to mention but a few. This ...

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