MGT672- W 7 -- Group Work: A Personal Analysis-Knowledge Sharing in Decision-Making

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Within the context of your local business, organization, or place of employment, you are to reflect on the group that you have worked in. In the paper you are to evaluate the dynamics of the group, assess how information is shared and processed, analyze how the group generated ideas, and contrast positive and negative behaviors. Simply reiterating the experience is not enough. You should show your proficiency at tying in the key concepts gained in the course in light of the experience you are discussing.


Your paper should be 6 pages long, double-spaced, and formatted according to Saudi Electronic University’s academic writing standards and APA style guidelines. Use at least three peer-reviewed scholarly sources and information from your module to support your decision.

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Group dynamics
Student association dynamics
Being a student, I have had to work in close association with the student council which is
a body instituted by students to ensure their rights are well taken care of by the school
administration. In examining the dynamics of such a group, it is important to first understand
why these groups are formed and what they stand for.
Group development
There exist several theories that have been brought up to explain the various reasons that
groups are formed for:
Social identity theory
This theory suggests that individuals in this case students come together to form an
association to get a sense of identity and self-esteem within these groups. In this case of student’s
union what brings these students together in specific is the fact that they are of almost the same
age and at this moment in time they are all in pursuit of knowledge. Being in the student union
develops in them a feeling of self-identity as students, it also enables the students to appreciate
themselves as having made it especially to a certain level of education giving them a feeling of
Social exchange theory
This is a very crucial theory since it proposes that groups in our case student’s union
develop as individuals relate founded on a mutual expectation beneficial exchanges which are
basically centered on felt obligation and trust. Students actually develop relationships with each
other almost naturally as they pursue knowledge in their various schools and as a result, they

Group dynamics
develop trust with each other and each develops a felt obligation to be of some particular help to
their fellow students in one way or another. One such felt obligation is observed when the school
administration acts in a manner that it does not act in the best interest of some students, this
becomes a concern for the whole association as those who are not affected feel that they need to
be of some help to their counterparts so that when they too are faced with a particular problem
then they can find support from the other students.
Group formation
Tuckman’s theory suggests that group development occurs in five distinct stages, these
stages ex...

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