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My teacher wants a 3-4 pages research paper and a work cited page

Pick any of the two of the artists and artworks below

Using 1 bullet from each of the method I attached below

And the description must be chapter 4 based

Read the attachment below

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No Service 3% 2:10 PM A our understating of the art. REQUIREMENTS • Write a 3 page research paper including two of the artwork/artist pairs below, ONLY. • Use at least 1 bullet point from each of the 3 Methods of Analysis (see below). Again, not three bullets from the same method. • Your interpretation of the Methods of Analysis MUST be based on the descriptions in Chapter 4, and I will be using those definitions/descriptions when grading your work. • MLA format- guides/mla-format/ • 1000 words or 4 pages max, not including works cited page • You must use a minimum of 2 sources, not including your textbook. • This assignment must be uploaded via Canvas' assignment repository. Your essay will be verified through Turnitin's originality checker. • All papers must include a "works cited” page for all sources. Plagiarized work will result in an automatic 0% on the research paper. Again, plagiarized work will result in an automatic 0% on the research paper. Excellent Optional Resources: • Khan Academy • Smart History ARTISTS AND ARTWORKS No Service 3% 4 2:10 PM i 2 unt ARTISTS AND ARTWORKS Sandro Boticelli's, Birth of Venus Artemesia Gentileschi, Judith and Holofernes Pablo Picasso, Les Demoiselles de Avignon Jean-Honore Fragonard, The Swing Gianlorenzo Bernini, Cornero Chapel with the Esctacy of St.Teresa Eduard Manet, Olympia *For more analysis look into Titian's Venus of Urbino Jan van Eyke, The Wedding Portrait Isenheim Alterpice, Matthias Gruenwald Jose-Clemente Orozco, An Epic of American Civilization pard es dar METHODS OF ANALYSIS x 1. Content Analysis • Subject Matter • Iconography 2. Historical Context • Context for the creation of artwork • Physical surroundings • Method of encounter 3. Writings About Art • Modern Criticisms • Ideological Criticisms • Psychoanalytic Criticisms • Structuralism • Post structuralism • Deconstruction • Feminist Criticism
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Artists and Artworks
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A). Sandro Botticelli’s, Birth of Venus
Methods of Analysis
1. Content analysis
The subject matter of the artist and artwork of Sandro Botticelli’s, Birth of Venus regards
being among the global most known and appreciated artworks. The artworks were painted by
Sandro Botticelli in a period of 1482 and 1485 and have now become the landmark concerning
the XV century Italian artworks. The paintings of Sandro Botticelli basing on the Birth of the
Venus are considered welcoming and feminine symbol within the art history. The artist and the
artwork address the way history of the nation have influence basing on its current identity within
the display. The use of the historical artworks has currently become iconic figures in the Italian
representation, (Botticelli, Sandro 2014).
2. Historical context
Regarding the background for creation, the work paintings having tempera on the canvas
depicts the nude picture of the female goddess termed as Venus standing on the land after
emerging from the sea. The form of the Venus creation resembles an adult woman having a

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