Protecting intellectual property

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Protecting intellectual property


1.  Protecting intellectual property in a competitive global business environment can be
difficult. It can also be expensive. Seeking patent protection in the United
States alone can cost businesses thousands of dollars, and that price only goes
up when seeking international protection. What factors do you think business
leaders consider when deciding to pursue intellectual property protection? Put
yourself in the shoes of an international business executive. What things would
you want to know before making such a sizable investment? 

One or two references– 2 paragraphs

2.  You are an officer in an American corporation that has a
significant portion of its assets in IPRs. You wish to expand in your
region.   One or two references.
Write a brief memo to your boss (1–2 pages double-spaced) that outlines the
risks and rewards of licensing your choice of an IPR in that region. That
choice could be a trade or service mark, a patent, a copyright, or a
combination of them. State what the IPR is. Try to identify the best nation or
nations in which to enter the market. Decide if you would use your own employees
or independent agents and why.

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