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Provide a brief summary of the case study.(p137-143)

Answer the questions at the end of the case. Provide detailed responses. Format (Include the question as the heading for each response)

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Managing the hotel guest experience
Case study 1: Making the most of moments of truth
This case study discusses the inflexibility of certain hotels schedules as well as poor
communication from the front office. Gordon a guest at a hotel wakes up 10:00 ready to have
breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant. The front desk does not give him information on the
restaurant’ schedule and when he gets there, every request he has is turned down and he is unable
to get a meal because the hotel serves breakfast until 9:45 and lunch at 11:15
The second scenario is a scheduling conflict. In this case, one big group of 230 guests is
supposed to check out at 9 so that another group of 200 conventioneers can check in a few hours
later. After they check out at 9 housekeeping would have enough time to ensure that the rooms
are ready. However, a new hire allows the first group to check out late and the new group arrives
before the other one leaves
The third scenario is after a bomb threat, passengers need rooms to spend the night as the
situation at the airport is being assessed. 260 guests are expected and Reg who works at the front
office is way out of her league as she has no idea what to do since this is her time dealing with
such a crisis. Her supervisor is at home and she has to manage the situation while waiting for her

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to arrive. The passengers are in distress needs to think on her feet to make sure that they are
properly accommodated
Discussion questions
1. What steps could the staff at Gordon Sumner's hotel have taken to improve their service?
First of all the front office should have informed Gordon on the restaurant operating
procedure before allowing to go to the hotel knowing that he won’t be served. The hotel can also
make some exceptions and stop being so rigid with their schedule as some customer’s
circumstances may force them to be late for breakfast and lunch
2. What factors were out of Freddie Bulsara's control? How could he have prepared for
Freddie Bulsara did not foresee that the front office attendant would allow the ballet team
to check out later than expected, when he arrived he could not make the ballet team leave any
faster as they were at their competition and before he thought o...

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