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Write an essay in APA on the subject of climate change. What have we, as human beings contributed to the degrading world climate. What can we do to avert this?Use 2 references. I need it in 2 hours.

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Causes of Global Warming and Its Effect on Terrestrial Life
Global warming is not a new phenomenon. It has been mentioned in countless
environment conservation summits. The term points to the rising global temperatures. Global
average temperature has been rising steadily over the last 100 years. This rise in temperatures
affects terrestrial ecosystems negatively. This means that the quality of life of all life on dry land
is compromised over time. These two aspects have been researched by ecologists and
environmentalists and worrying findings have been found.
To begin with, the causes of global warming can be traced back to human activity. Over
the last 100 years, human activities have continuously affected the environment, leading to
global warming. First, emission of hazardous gases in the environment has led to increased
global temperatures (Ring). Some of these gases, such as Carbon (II) oxide and Sulphur (IV)
oxide destroys the ozone layer. The ozone layer acts as a cushion for the world against
extraterrestrial radiation. This means that hotter rays from the sun are allowed through to the
earth’s atmosphere. In addition, the cloud of gases formed in the upper levels of the earth’s
atmosphere deflects terrestrial radiation back to the earth surface. This means that heat is
entering the earth’s atmosphere through the depleted ozone layer but cannot leave leading to a
raise in temperatures. The environmental pollution by emission of gases is due to mushrooming
industrial complexes all over the worl...

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