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During the term you will read the book, complete the assessment, and write a final paper about your strengths. This paper will allow you to examine your strengths and develop a plan. Please use the guide below as your framework and ensure all areas are addressed.

I. What Do You Do Best?

Of all the things you do well, which two do you do best and why?

Which activities do you seem to pick up quickly and why? Which activities bring you the greatest satisfaction and why?

II. STRENGTHSFINDER Results What are your top five Signature Themes identified by the Clifton STRENGTHSFINDER?

  • Which theme resonates with you the most and why?
  • • Based on your Signature Themes, what should a manager/supervisor know about working with you and why?
  • • Based on your Signature Themes, what should a co-worker know about working with you and why?
  • • How can a manager/supervisor help you with your strengths more within your current role and why? Updated August 2023 Page 20 of 23
  • III. Celebrating Successes • What was your most significant accomplishment in the past 12 months?
  • • When do you feel the most pride about your work?
  • • How do you like to be supported in your work?
  • IV. Applying Talents to the Role • What things distract you from being positive, productive, or accurate? • Which talents do you have that could benefit the team if you had better opportunities to use them? • What steps could be taken to ensure you have an opportunity to apply your natural talents to your role?
  • Submit a 5-page paper double-spaced. • Include a cover page and a reference page (not to be included in the 5 pages of paper content) • Use the questions and bullets above as the framework and outline of your paper. • Please provide at least four (4) relevant scholarly references to support your paper in addition to the STRENGTHSFINDER text. • All references should be used as in-text citations. • All work must be completed in APA format. • You MUST submit your paper to the Smarthinking tool for review prior to submission.
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    A. Your Top Two Strengths:

    Ideation and Competition in Engineering.
    In my present role as a Jr. Engineer/Quality Engineer, I've come to recognize that my
    Ideation strength is not merely valuable; it is, in fact, indispensable. This innate ability to generate
    innovative ideas and to think creatively has become a cornerstone of my success in this role. The
    Ideation strength empowers me to approach engineering challenges with a fresh and inventive
    perspective, continually pushing the boundaries of what's possible. I thrive in brainstorming
    sessions where my mission is to unveil novel ways to address complex engineering issues.
    However, it's not Ideation alone that makes me a strong performer in my current role. My
    competitive strength further complements my capabilities. This competitive nature drives me to
    set exceptionally high standards for the quality of our engineering projects. I don't merely aim to
    meet requirements; I aspire to outperform previous benchmarks and ensure that our team's work
    is nothing short of outstanding.
    Every project is an opportunity for me to raise the bar, pushing the boundaries of excellence
    in engineering. My competitive spirit compels me to consistently outdo our previous performance,
    striving for continuous improvement and setting new standards for quality and innovation. It's not
    just about meeting expectations; it's about exceeding them and establishing new pinnacles of
    excellence within the industry.
    B. Quick Learning and Satisfaction in Engineering


    I have also found that I rapidly pick up engineering-related tasks due to my ability to think
    creatively and find connections between seemingly unrelated concepts. This quick-learning is
    particularly useful when tackling new and challenging engineering problems. It allows me to adapt
    swiftly to evolving project requirements, ultimately benefiting our team's productivity and the
    overall quality of our work.
    In terms of job satisfaction, I derive the greatest contentment from activities within my
    engineering role that allow me to apply my competitiv...

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