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these are two separate homework but they all related. Each one has to be in a different file.


First homework,

Find a law enforcement agency or public security organization for which you would consider working.

For that employer:

1) what is the agency / organization - describe it in detail (public / private; if government, at what level of government; what responsibilities and duties does this employer fulfill; does the employer have the fiscal resources to fulfill those duties and what is their source of funding; do they work with other agencies / organizations to achieve their mission; etc.); what is the mission statement of the agency / organization; how many employees does this agency normally have?

2) identify the entry level position that you would seek with this employer

2) what are the requirements of the position?

  • physical (requirements for entry into either the position or any training academy / program)
  • educational (minimum education for new employees into this position)
  • is there any civil service or other entry examination requirement
  • any other related barriers and criteria (race, gender, religion, experience, knowedge, citizenship, residence, etc.)

The idea of the assignment is that you understand the scope and role of the agency / organization and critically assess your eligibility and ability to seek this position during or after your college education.

The assignment shall be submitted in APA format and be a minimum of five pages (cover, three pages of text, references).


Second homework,

Working from the agency you used for your Chapter 2 assignment:

  • Who is the chief / commissioner / chief executive of the agency / organization?
  • What is that person's professional history (education, agencies worked, years in service by agency, etc.)?
  • how personnel are in the agency and what is the ratio of sworn and non-sworn personnel?
  • What are the activities / positions / roles of the non-sworn personnel?
  • what is the agency's tour cycle (both by shift and days on / off; does the agency work three eight hour shifts starting at 9AM, is the agency on a 4/2, 4/3, or other shift system?)

Your submission will be in APA format and I am expecting approximately four pages (cover, two or more pages of text, and references).


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Running head: FBI


Student’s Name
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The law enforcement agency that I would consider to work for is the Federal Bureau of

Investigations. The agency is a domestic security and intelligence service in the United States
and is considered by many to be the principal institution by the federal government that is
supposed to enforce the laws of the country. The agency is controlled by the federal government
to oversee all law enforcement issues pertaining to matters within the borders of the country. The
FBI is charged with numerous roles and responsibilities as discussed below. One of the major
roles is to conduct investigations pertaining to various criminal acts that are undertaken within
the country. Normally, many criminal activities within the country are assigned to the FBI due to
the intelligence expertise that it possesses. Such intelligence plays a huge role in combating both
domestic and international terrorism in a bid to protect the people and the interests of the
The FBI is also charged with conducting counter-intelligence operations within the
country. This is made possible through developing collaborations with other law enforcement
agencies within the country. Such collaborations ensure that there is information sharing
capabilities between the FBI and other agencies to ensure that the borders of the country are
secured at all times. The FBI is also tasked with ensuring that all the critical infrastructure that
the country possesses. Such infrastructure is on many occasions targeted by terrorists and other
criminals and thereby the security of the people may be compromised if they are not protected
and maintained. These resources are mainly physically attacked or affected by cyber-attacks that
may increase ...

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