Columbia Southern Victims of Bullying and Physical Abuse Reflections Paper

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Explain how you would work with a victim with sight impairment, one with hearing impairment, and one in a wheelchair. What problems or issues do you think each would face within the criminal justice system? What could you do to assist?

150 minimum, no more than 250 words, no formatting necessary

Then write a three-page reflection paper, imagine you are a victim services worker. You have two clients, a brother and sister. The brother has autism and is moderate on the functioning scale, and the sister has cerebral palsy. Both were victims of bullying and physical abuse at school.

  1. What kinds of services/needs may they have that are different than other victims you may work with?
  2. What kinds of programs exist in your area (e.g., location, area of expertise) to assist victims of crime with disabilities? How would you provide these services to your clients?
  3. Are there public policy initiatives that exist to assist them?
  4. Referring to the potential causes of crime in the chapter, is there one (or more) that fits the probable cause of their victimization? Explain your rationale.

Please use APA formatting for the reflections paper.

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Kinds of services/needs of victims with complications other than disabilities.
Victims in wheelchairs, and having both sight and hearing impediments face different
challenges and that each problem need to get looked at with the uniqueness with which it
deserves. On the other hand, matters to do with cerebral palsy and autism attract different angles
of dealings. The reason for their unusual approach looks into the treatments and the medical
associations built by coming into contact with the two victims either who have particular needs
in a bid to get their case convicted. Notable, the law enforcement agencies find it difficult to
apprehend the people with disabilities in the sense that a slight mistake may lead to grave
consequences. For example, a case was given to a young deaf boy who the cinema thoughts had
deliberately refused to pay his tickets. As a result, county sheriff got called who poorly bundled
him outside the hall. As a result, the poor kid died. It gives researchers a glimpse of the
devastating effects of failing to communicate with the above persons (Dutton, 2011).
The needs discussed
Cerebral palsy and autism both link to childhood deficiencies and the victim suffers from
an unstable nervous system in the body. It attracts and affects a person when they are a kid and
the effects hardly manifest when an individual becomes of age. Thus, the need of the above
sector with regards to the criminal justice system is to grant them favorable hearing and a fair
one indeed. The rule in the country that everyone remains innocent until proven guilty. In the
above instance on the cerebral affected kids, the court may order a psychiatric test to check the
personal balance on the victim. However, when examining the disability front be it on the
wheelchair or the air, the immediate needs of the above group takes researchers to the




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