Please choose one question and develop a response on how you would address the issue or issues presentation

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Please choose one question and develop a 200-300 word response on how you would address the issue or issues presented. I look for quality and critical thinking rather than quantity.

Please write as if you're presenting something to your employer and put a strong effort into the assignment. Don't look at the questions as busy work, but as an opportunity to apply the concepts.

Please use APA format and have at least two reference citations in your submission.


  1. Alternative marketing programs such as buzz marketing, guerilla marketing, lifestyle marketing, and experiential marketing can enhance an organization’s overall IMC strategy. Discuss the three stages of buzz marketing (1) inoculation, (2) incubation, and (3) infection. Please find an example from the last 24 months of a marketer using alternative marketing and identify which stage of buzz they are focusing on.
  2. Product placements are an advertising vehicle designed with the purpose of influencing viewers. Discuss at least two examples in the last 12 months of memorable product placements and how this method was used to effectively impact the target audience.

Please come prepared to discuss your findings.

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Develop an effective messaging strategy for marketing campaigns In the field of marketing, developing the right messaging strategy is crucial for the success of any marketing campaign. This paper discusses the selection of an appropriate messaging strategy for a marketing campaign and explains the reasons behind the choice. It also considers the consumer's decision-making process, the levels of effectiveness, the type of claims to be pursued, and the potential uses of the source or spokesperson. For a marketing campaign for a meal replacement product, it is crucial to choose the right communication strategy. The first step is to understand the meal replacement product. It is important to gain an in-depth understanding of the core features, unique selling points and value proposition of the meal replacement product. Take a new meal replacement package as an example. Consumer Decision Process: 1. In order to effectively respond to the consumer decision-making process, it is important to understand the stages that consumers go through: problem identification, information search, alternatives evaluation, purchase decision, and post-purchase behavior. 2. Problem Identification: Emphasize the importance of meal replacement for health management and encourage people to look for more convenient dietary alternatives. 3. Information Search: Provide easy-to-access information such as product details, recipes, calorie information, and customer testimonials. 4. Alternative Evaluation: Emphasizes the convenience, taste, and comparative advantages of meal replacements over traditional diets. 5. Purchase Decision: Offer incentives such as first-time buyer discounts, package deals or loyalty programs to encourage purchase. Hierarchy of Effects: The Hierarchy of Effectiveness Model consists of six stages: awareness, knowledge, preferences, preferences, beliefs, and purchase. 1. Awareness: Build initial product awareness through social media, content marketing and partnerships. 2. Knowledge: Provide educational content about meal replacements, including nutritional information and how to consume them. 3. Preferences: Build trust and a positive brand image through user-generated content and customer testimonials. 4. PREFERENCES: Provide promotions and incentives to encourage customers to choose our meal replacements over other alternatives. 5. Beliefs: Emphasize the brand's commitment to food quality and customer health. 6. Purchase: Ensure customers can easily complete their purchase online or in a physical store. Attraction Types: We will use a variety of attraction types to meet the needs of a diverse audience: 1. Emotional Appeal: Emphasize the positive impact of meal replacement on health management and communicate a more convenient lifestyle. 2. Rational Appeal: Provide scientific data, ingredients and calorie information about meal replacement. 3. Social Appeal: Encourage customers to share their healthy eating choices with friends and family. Use a source or spokesperson: A reputable health professional or nutritionist will be selected as a spokesperson to enhance the credibility of the marketing campaign. 1. Expertise: The spokesperson must have a strong background in the health field. 2. Credibility: They must be recognized as a trusted source in the field. 3. Consistency with Brand Values: Their values and beliefs must be consistent with the nature of the meal replacement product. 4. Media Influence: They must have a strong presence in relevant media channels to amplify the impact of the marketing campaign. Reference: Writing a marketing strategy and plan,29 Aug 2022 Marketing in Business: Strategies and Types Explained, By ALEXANDRA TWIN Updated May 09, 2023 Ad Campaign Proposal Huel Powder, a prominent player in the health and food industry in the United States, caters to a diverse customer base, primarily encompassing individuals in pursuit of fitness goals and those on a weight loss journey. The majority of its customers fall within the age range of 20 to 45. This brand has firmly established itself as a major competitor in the relatively youthful sector of meal replacement products, offering a diverse array of flavors at a competitive price point, while simultaneously providing all the necessary nutrients in a regular meal. This makes it an enticing alternative to traditional meals, especially in an emerging and dynamic market including industry giants like Oats Overnight, Blue Apron, Optimum Nutrition, and Premier Protein, as they all vie for a slice of the market share. Huel Powder has strategically positioned itself for accessibility, making its products readily available through various platforms, and pricing its products to be much cheaper than that of a regular meal. Customers can conveniently make their purchases through online orders and delivery services at retail stores as well as on their own website. Aside from selling on their own brand website, Huel's products can be found on popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon, as well as in physical retail stores such as Walmart and Target. Additionally, a big concern among consumers in this emerging industry is the potential lack of necessary nutrients in meal replacement products. Huel overcomes this hurdle by providing and displaying the nutrients they provide in their products, making sure to include all the necessary daily nutrients required for a day’s meal. This is one of the largest competitive advantages for the brand, and will be what our marketing is based on. Our marketing strategy for Huel will focus on heightening customer awareness and understanding of the brand and providing consumers with healthy, affordable, and appetizing meal replacement options. As the United States becomes an increasingly more health-conscious consumer landscape, Huel Powder seeks to not only maintain its market presence but also to expand its reach and impact. By positioning itself as a leading provider of nutritious and convenient meal replacements, the brand aims to cater to the diverse needs of its customer base, ensuring they can easily access its products while making informed choices that align with their health and wellness goals.
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