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I have a history class about Islam and I have to write a four page paper describing the early history of Islam in Arabia. The papers should focus on three chronological periods: the period BEFORE Prophet Muhammad; the period UNDER Prophet Muhammad; and the period AFTER Prophet Muhammad. Provide SPECIFIC EXAMPLES to back up your arguments. The papers should be double spaced and typed, and include and an introduction and a conclusion. You can use sources and search about it.

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Early History of Islam in Arabia
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Early History of Islam in Arabia

The Period before Prophet Muhammad
Arabia is essentially the cradle of Islam, a monotheistic religion considered third largest
in the world. From the Red Sea up to Palestine was the first religion, Judaism. To the north of
that region was the second, Christianity. Islam was near the Red Sea to the south, in Mecca.
Arrival of a new religion built upon the previous and brought a more current truth about God.
God revealed this truth his final messenger Muhammad. Islam was as a result of that revelation.
Pre-Islamic religion in Arabia was a mix of different faiths. However, the most
conspicuous and outstanding practice was paganism. Creed of Bedouins was particular common
and is considered the oldest Semitic belief. It is also believed that idolatry was adopted by the
Arabs years later. They always believed in one Creator but were introduced to idols as mediators
to accessing God. This argument is reinforced by the idea that Prophet Abraham’s construction
of Ka’ba means that the people of Mecca had already been introduced to monotheistic belief.
The time before Islam is usually termed the time of ignorance because God had not yet sent them
a prophe...

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