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You will utilize your change model for this assignment. Review the feedback submitted by your instructor on your previous change model assignment. Make any changes or modifications necessary for the submission of this assignment.

Evaluate the performance of your organization or department. Identify an area that would significantly benefit from initiating a change. Write a paper (1,500-1,750 words) in which you describe the particular area you propose to address through a change initiative. Include the following for your company:

  1. Discuss the issues in this area and the current outcomes as a result of the issues.
  2. Describe the external and/or internal driving forces, contributing issues, and the people affected.
  3. Evaluate the stakeholders involved and discuss how they will be affected by your change initiative.
  4. Clarify your role and responsibility as a change leader. Discuss the leadership theory (or theories) you will use to guide the change process.
  5. Discuss the change agents you need to recruit in order to successfully implement your change. Describe the roles of these change agents.
  6. Utilize your change model to develop strategies: (a) Explain the relevance of this model to your organization; and (b) Present the strategic aspects using your model. Be sure to clearly define the purpose of each aspect, the people involved, and the actions that need to be taken.
  7. Identify, or predict, the potential barriers to change. Discuss possible ways to overcome these obstacles, including methods for dealing with emerging or unforeseen circumstances that could impede implementation.
  8. Describe the evaluation methods you will use to determine the level of success of your change initiative. Discuss what metrics or measureable determinates you will use.
  9. Propose strategies to anchor change or support continuous change.
  10. Establish how your change plan supports the organizational mission/goal, genuinely addresses stakeholder concerns, and will serve as an equitable contribution for the community or society overall.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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Change Model for Nursing Jennifer Pirozzi Grand Canyon University Question  Many times we know that our current process are inefficient and change needs to happen.  What do we do?  How do we go about it?  Who do we involve?  How do we measure progress? What is a Change Management Model  A theory with steps on how to implement change.  Change is good for the progression of an organization  Various models exist and each is suitable for different set of circumstances Kotter’s Change Model      Developed by John Kotter Transforms change to a campaign Leaders show employees the urgent need for change Employees follow leaders in implementing changes It has 8 steps     Kotter’s theory in nursing Values teamwork, a core principle of nursing Creates short term wins Has a long-term vision for the organization Nursing is hierarchically organized so that the nurses answer to the nurse leader who in turn answer to the management Creating Sense of Urgency  Sense of urgency provides initial traction  Show employees while the proposed changed is important  Get employees discussing the changes without you being present Building a Core Coalition  Gather all stakeholders and leaders and show them the need for change  Get people from various experience levels  Get people in different leadership positions and have them commit to these changes. Forming a Strategic Vision     Define your vision Do not go into details or use complicated language Tell people the goals of your changes Use short concise sentence to describe your goal Getting Everyone on Board  Get the team to start spreading the word of change  Leaders should discuss these change propositions in meetings and outside meetings too  As the originator of the change, you should be honest about feedback  The intent is to tell everyone in the organization why they need change Removing Barriers and Reducing Friction  Assess the current situation and what may go wrong  Examples of what may hinder changes include ➢ A team may not have enough man power to perform a new task ➢ Some employees might not know how to use new technology or how to perform new processes introduced by the changes. Generating Short-term Wins  Sense of urgency is the initial motivation but it does not last long  New motivation is needed to keep the employees committed to changes  Short term goals will keep the nurses focused on achieving the next goal before embarking on the next Sustaining Acceleration  Sustain the interest that nurses currently have on the changes  This can be done by creating new goals after the old ones have been achieved  If there are no more goals then, employees committed to the changes can be employed. Setting the Changes in Stone  This is the time where the changes convert from urgency to norm.  The change that had been proposed initially has been achieved and is now part of permanent processes of an organization. Steps of the Kotter’s theory Summary  Kotter’s change management theory was invented by John Kotter  It has 8 steps  It can be applied in an organization with nursing field References  Kotter, J. P. (2011). Leading Change. doi:10.15358/9783800646159  Schlotthauer, A. E., Badler, A., Cook, S. C., Perez, D. J., & Chin, M. H. (2008). Evaluating Interventions To Reduce Health Care Disparities: An RWJF Program. Health Affairs, 27(2), 568-573. doi:10.1377/hlthaff.27.2.568 ...
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Change Initiative in the Operating Room




One of the main concerns in the healthcare environment is the management of change and
professionals in this area are required to acquire and maintain the skills needed to undertake their
specialized tasks. Around us, change occurs continuously and its management entails handling the
complexity of the process. As Costello, Clarke, Gravely, D'Agostino-Rose & Puopolo (2011)
indicate, it’s about assessing, planning, and executing tactics, operations and strategies to ensure
that the change is meaningful and relevant. The ability to change, adapt and evolve is the only
sustainable competitive advantage, and any organization that seeks to experience success requires
an improved framework for thinking about change and comprehending vital issues that accompany
change. In this way, this paper focuses initiating change in the cardiac surgical division of a large
Midwest teaching institute.
Description of the Issues
The healthcare organization where the change is to be implemented is a top healthcare
facility in the US for healthcare delivery. The occurrence of multiple changes has resulted in the
initiative to decrease expenses in the cardiac surgery practice that has impacted the staff in various
ways (Chyun, 2014). All staff in the division i.e., expert surgeons, registered nurse, and expert
surgical assistant need to change the way they perform their roles and duties. The healthcare
institution seeks to redefine the staff roles that will include conducting tasks that they did not do
initially. For instance, all the healthcare professionals are required to help in opening equipment
and supplies, a role that was initially assigned to the registered nurses. Therefore, the cardiac
leadership team has a duty for executing the change in the cardiac operating room. Also, some
changes that only impact this department, the leadership team has been put to task to ensure that
they are implemented.



The External and Internal Driving Forces, Contributing Issues, and People Affected
The cardiac operating room is one of the key costly areas in the acute care institution. The
number of personnel, intense level of clinical activity, and equipment used generates a lot of
expenses. Therefore, the internal driving force is the efficiency as it enables more surgical
procedures to be carried out at a low cost. This also results in sustainability,...

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