How can i earn money in woozworld?

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i made my account before and when i played it i didn't know any thing about it so i didn't ply this game any more yesterday i started to play it and i don't know any thing about this game can u help me plz..

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You can earn credits toward money on Woozworld by :

1. Referring others to the web site and playing their games. For more information you can go to 8 mths back

2. So, you just bought a big Wooz pack last night or whatever and you spent it all on clothes and now: You’re broke. Don’t worry my friends, we’ve all been there! Is there a way to make wooz? Yes! Here is all you need to do to make wooz quickly ;) But, I must warn you, this is faster when you’re a VIP… subscribe today (and get free wooz!)
a. Hold eventz. Have games where you have a “Buy or Out” option. If the prize is worth it, the Woozens are gonna want to buy from you to stay in the game! J If they like your game, they might vote your unitz too.
b. Create a special unitz. An adoption center, a party, an entry for the Unitz Design Challenge… the possibilities are endless. If people like what they see, they vote! And with every Unitz vote you get (when you’re a VIP that is) you get 2 wooz! So one person gives you all 25 votes and that’s already 50 WOOZ! :0
c. Free times. Do you have something you can give away for free? Just transform one of your existing Unitz into a free time, and when people vote for example 100 times you give away a free clothing item. Here’s a tip: Don’t make the vote number too high, or people will be lazy! Also, make sure what you’re giving away is worth voting for.
d. Look good. You bought all those clothes, so you might as well put them on right? Some people vote your Woozen just for the fact that you look stylish.
e. Start a store. We all have unnecessary stuff in our inventory. Clothes, furniture, wuzzles etc. Is there something you don’t like? It might just be that someone out there was looking for that! And they might be willing to pay you a lot of wooz for it!
6- Buy wooz. If all else fails, you can always buy wooz. Keep an eye on the Weekly Wooz Deal; you can get the same amount of wooz for half price or less! And sometimes there’s something thrown in there too .

updated on 05th April 2012

Lastly go to YouTube
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Good luck to you all woozens!!!!!!!!!!1

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