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I need help with my personal narrative for English. I chose the topic Fortnite’s impact on me. The rules are 

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Fortnite Personal Narrative
Fortnite is an online video game that presents in three different modes: Fortnite Battle
Royale, Save the World, and Fortnite Creative. In the Fortnite Battle Royale, up to 100 people
fight to determine who will be the last man standing. Participating in the Battle Royale may be a
duo or a squad. A squad may have a maximum of four players. The battle begins when the
players are dropped from the battle bus. As they descend, they do not have any weapons;
therefore, they have to scavenge and collect what they will use in battle (Moll et al. 7). While in
the act of collection, the players must stay focused rest, the enemies will eliminate them. On the
map, there is also a safe area where the players shelter from an oncoming toxic storm. As the
round continues, the safe area shrinks, which brings the teams into closer contact, thus more
encounters. The last man standing becomes the winner of the game. In case there was a duo of a
squad, the last one standing is the winner in the game (Moll et al. 7).
Save the World mode involves a storm that hits the earth, wiping out about 98% of its
population. The survivors are attacked by husks, which are zombie-like creatures. The players
then become the commanders of the survival mission, collaborating to realize a common goal.
They move about the map, saving the survivors of the storm. These four players also engage in

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the collection of resources and defending the equipment that enables the collection of data on the
storm or pushing it back. The model has several episodes, and the players gain several awards in
each of them that improve their ability to handle the challenges (Moll et al. 7). Weapons and
traps gained in the game, as well as survivors, are some of the items that the players win
throughout the game which increase their resilience and ability to overcome the challenges in
this mode.
The Fortnite Creative mode allows the players to create scenarios where battle can take place
using items used in the Battle Royale mode. Some creations available include battle arenas
where they may engage other players. Like in all the other modes, a pickaxe is crucial as it
allows the player to bring down any existing structures on the map to collect valuable items such
as bricks, wood, and metal. The items are used in the building of fortification, especially walls,
which are essential in the battle. Facing equally formidable forces to contend with, the feeling is
like one where each step may determine the next course of your including dying or living
dependent on others for basic activities such as feeding and bathing. Thus, each player is always
on the edge to make the most of it while trying to survive. The strength of the materials used in
building fortifications differ. For example, bricks are more potent than wood. Therefore, when
bricks are found, the players can update the material to strengthen the fortifications. Strong
fortifications are hard to pass through for the enemy or the husks. They also make it possible to
lay traps, mainly in the tunnels.
Impact on me
I have played the game for almost three years, where I gained the title of Cynical, and it
has impacted me and my life in general. Several aspects of the game help one to change their

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mindset. I have been playing Battle Royale –with my Auria skin- many times, and there are
various lessons that I learned as a result. One of them is teamwork and collaboration. The mode
allows one to play alone against others or to form a duo/squad. While still new to the game, I
quickly realized that playing alone gets one easily eliminated by the others from the game.
On the other hand, the chances of fighting for longer and winning increase when there is
collaboration. I have come to equate the same with real-life situations. While facing daily
challenges alone, it is easy to get subdued and lose hope. The opposite is true when there is
teamwork. It is easy to face uphill tasks when faced by two or more people.
The game has also taught me about creativity and innovation. Playing the game and winning is
dependent on how the players become innovative. The resources are available on the map, and
the players decide how to get them and utilize them to their advantage. In particular, there is the
building of fortifications and tunnels. The collection of resources starts with the pickaxes, which
bring down existing structures. While all the players have access to similar resources, winning
any battle depends on the creativity and the speed of thinking of each player. Those quick to
collect the more substantial material and make good use of it increase their chances of winning
the battle. The same is the case for Save the World mode, where the resources guarantee the
survival of more people. Organization skills are also critical in this game. It is suitable for a team
or the players in survival mode to organize themselves and the resources they have to guarantee a
win. The utilization of resources in this game is similar to what we face in life. The speed at
which we process information and put it to use determines our levels of success. Thus, the game
has had a lasting impact me on how I view life in terms of resources and their utilization to
realize set goals. A similar case also applies to the organization of the activities in our lives.

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The game has also had an impact on my time management skills. When I first learned to
play the game, I had challenges managing my time and engaging in other activities, including
school and co-curricular. Most of my time was spent starting and following ongoing battles on
the platform. Indeed, it negatively affected my social life in the early days. However, when I
realized this, I set specific times in a week when I could play and follow the game. The exact
time management skills have been transferred to other areas of my life with positive
implications, all thanks to the game.
Influence on Others
Upon the game's release, the...

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