problem related to student learning.

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Chapters on student learning.

Chapter 1

Significant problems facing student learning. collect and review data and how the challenge impacts students, etc.

Chapter 2

Research on the problem

Chapter 3

plan for improving problem


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CHAPTER 1 400-600 words a. Describe the significant problem/challenge you selected. b. What is the impact that the problem/challenge has on instructional practice and student learning? Provide examples to demonstrate the impact of the problem/challenge. c. What data did you collect and review? Why are the data appropriate? How do the data support your choice of a significant problem/challenge? d. What result do you anticipate if the problem/challenge is addressed? How will the result(s) impact instructional practice and student learning? CHAPTER 2 400-600 words a. How did you go about researching the problem that you identified? b. What evidence-based/best practices appear to be most appropriate for the improvement plan? c. What school or cultural influences needed to be considered during the development of the plan? How did they influence the development of the plan? CHAPTER 3 600-800 WORDS A. Describe the plan for improvement in detail. d.What is the timeline for each step of the plan? Provide a rationale for your choices regarding the timeline and steps. e. Who did you include to help develop the plan? Why did you select them, and what roles did they play in the development of the plan? f. What strategies did you use to communicate the plan to various audiences? Provide a rationale for your choice of strategies. g.How do you intend to assess the results of the plan and its impact on instructional practice and student learning?
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Poor Parental Support
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Research Problem: How poor parental support affects student learning at school
Some parents tend to underestimate the influence they have on their children. Studies have
shown that children who have been exposed to poor parental support are likely to misbehave.
Among the key attributes of poor parental support are lack emotional and material support, and
poor relations. The support of the parents is key to the success of children in schools. If a country
has to turn around the poor performance in schools, it must first address the problem of poor
parental support. A lack of support on the part of the parent is associated with the academic
difficulties and the low achievement of the schools. In this paper, parental support takes different
forms including the parenting at home which entails the provision of a stable and secure
environment, intellection simulation, parent-child discussion models of social and educational
values and the high aspirations relating to the individual fulfilment. Poor parental support has
negative effects on students learning at school.
Parents have the first and foremost influence on the development of their children and
their success. When parents do not provide proper support to students, they are unable to get good
grades or even to score higher on the standardized tests. It should be noted that children who
receive proper parental support have better school attendance records, less often drop out of school,
and have high aspirations and display a positive attitude towards school and homework. Poor
parental support to the students causes them to report low grades in the school. In some cases it
causes the students to develop psychological problems as a result of family-related stress which
causes them to perform poorly in school. In essence, not all types of poor parental support affect
the learning at school. The parents may not support their children well even to help them to learn
well at home, do not teach them how to volunteer in the school or even teaching them how to serve
in school bodies. However, there is still strong evidence that the parental support helps to improve
the performance of the students at school especially when parents provide good support for their
children home (Desforges & Abouchaar, 2003).
Poor parent parental negatively affects the students choice of courses. This is because the
students lack the input from the parents as knowledgeable partners. In most cases, due to poor
support, the parents are not able to know the how the school system work, the act...

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