Physical Activity Guidelines and Common Barriers

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Topic: Physical Activity Guidelines and Common Barriers

Initial Discussion question: Even though it is known that regular exercise provides significant health benefits, the majority of American adults do not exercise at recommended levels. Describe the 2008 U.S. Physical Activity Guidelines for adults and discuss current physical activity statistics. What are two commonly reported barriers to exercise? Have you personally ever experienced any barriers to being active?

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According to the CDC 2008 U.S. Physical Activity Guidelines for adults age 18-64 adults need 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every week such as brisk walking as well as muscle strengthening activities that work all muscle groups at least 2 days a week. OR adults can do 1 hour and 15 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity such as jogging or running as well as the muscle strengthening activities 2 or more days a week that work all muscle groups. For older adults the moderate-intensity aerobic/vigorous-intensity aerobic activity time should be doubled. People that are physically active tend to live longer with lower risk of multiple health issues. Americans that live in the south are less likely to meet the physical activity guidelines then those that live in the West, Northeast, and Midwest areas. Men are more likely than women to meet the aerobic guidelines and the younger adults are more active than the older adults.

There are many barriers that adults face when trying to become more active. Family caregiving obligations can be one of those barriers. A solution to the this would be to exercise with your kids. Walk the kids to the park and actively participate in playing in the park or playing basketball with the child/children. There are also gym memberships that have daycare that is provided while the parent(s) workout. Lack of motivation and/or energy is another barrier that many adults face. This can be solved by setting a schedule with specific days and times where getting in some much needed exercise can be added. Joining exercise groups or class where others can help in motivating the individual can keep us going and look forward to working out. People can also start by just having one friend or relative meet up with them for yoga in the living room or walking. When we have someone we can talk with and spend time with it makes it more enjoyable to do.

I have faced barriers being active in my daily life because of time and family obligations. My schedule is always changing at work and I never know if I will be working day shifts or evenings. I try to make sure I get up and do my prenatal yoga at least 3 times a week. Sometimes it does not happen because of how physically exhausted I am. As a CMA at a busy family practice/urgent care I am always moving at my job. Being 6 months pregnant I am not as active as I would like to be as well as the weather in Iowa being cold/crummy for so long I have not stayed as active. I tend to be a lot more active in the warmer months when I can go for walks, hikes, and go swimming.


CDC.(2015). How much physical activity do adults need? retrieved from:

Classmate Post #2

Sooooooo before I even looked up what the 2008 guidelines were, i already had a hunch of what I was going to find. I assumed that that the guidelines were set relatively low, because America is fat & so many people are ok with being kind of healthy.....kind of in shape....kind of fit. I was not surprised at all to find that my assumptions were prettyyyyy accurate. According to the guidelines, an adult should be active for a mere TWO AND A HALF HOURS A WEEK. EXCUSE ME.....WHAT?! I dont see how an adult can be active and moving moderately for anywhere near that low number...

By simply parking a little further back in the parking lot, taking the stairs, or the long way around a grocery store, you can easily get half of this. Do these people not have dogs to walk or kids to play with? Do they not clean their house? (vacuuming and sweeping actually burn a decent amount of calories.)

The article i found also states that by simply participating in more vigorous activity for just SEVENTY FIVE MINUTES A WEEK, you can see health benefits. Yall.....75 minutes a week?! That's only about 2 good dog walks. 2 games of catch with your kid. 2 short bike rides...

Two of the biggest "barriers" to exercise are
1. not enough time
2. convenience

I dont see either of these as barriers. I see them as excuses. If you have time to scroll through facebook for HOURSSSSS a day, you can surely find time to go for a walk. Jog in place or do some squats while you watch tv. Choose fun, active entertainment when you go out with your friends! (trampoline parks, beach walks, laser tag etc.) I totally understand that not everyone can make it to the gym all the time. But there are limitless numbers of ways to get up and get moving at home! With all the exercise subscriptions, trendy videos and tv channels, and gadgets on the market, there truly is no excuse.

2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans Summary. (n.d.). Retrieved March 29, 2018, from

Physical Activity. (2017, December 20). Retrieved March 29, 2018, from

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