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1. Remind your readers of the what your topic is.

2. What was the conversation you have had about a topic with someone? Who was that person? What did you talk about?

3. What was your gap in knowledge? Write in one sentence using Koenig's as a template:

"My knowledge of Ho-Chunk history had some gaps." (paragraph 33)

My knowledge of ___________________ had some gaps.

4. What have you learned? There should be a shift in your paper to what you really want to talk about. What do you really want to talk about? What have you learned about your topic since? This can be a list for now Stats? Expert testimony, Research?

5. Name the problem for which you seek change.

6. What is your call to action? 

7.  Upload 2-4 photos you want to include.

8. HYPERLINK  3-5 outside sources you are thinking of using

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Project 3 Rhetorical Moves You Need to Make Part II & III" (Fall 2023) - Project 3

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1. Remind your readers of what your topic is.

I will be discussing the need for rethinking the cash bail system and replacing it with a
nonmonetary alternative to improve access to justice, especially for low-income earners. Doing
so will also reduce racial and ethnic prejudice.

2. What was the conversation you have had about a topic with someone?

I had a conversation with a close friend who ended up being jailed a...

Great study resource, helped me a lot.


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