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I need to do an Informative and Persuasive Speech. However, I'm somewhat confused about the outline and I need help. For the Informative Speech, I will speak about US. Bureau of Statistics ( I will provide valid information to show why using valid websites will allow you to have accurate information and not be irrelevant like other websites on the internet. As for the persuasive speech, I will speak about how (Education is a must) because people are able to land better jobs instead of living paycheck to paycheck and getting paid minimum wage or something that sounds better if you as a tutor have a better idea. Topics are for Persuasive Speech (Education is a must) and as I explained above. As for the Topic, I was thinking (Truthful Government Sites). However, if you have better ideas as far as what I would like to speak about I mentioned feel free to add something similar.  Please once done, include a Turnitin report to ensure no AI was used. I will upload what has to be done in detail. If you have any questions, please reach out. I will provide a link for picture #6 because the file was too big it said. Thank you!  -- > Link:

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Informative and Persuasive Outlines

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Informative Speech Outline: The Importance of Valid Websites for Accurate Information
I. Introduction
Information provision is no longer an aspect that can be considered untouched by the digital age.
Many resources exist, so with a simple click, you can get into vast dimensions of knowledge, but
not every resource is good. We will discuss the importance of visiting reliable sites, taking BLS
as an illustration today. Let us fasten our belts and get into the e-world with a knife separating
hay from straw.
A. Engaging Opening
For example, if you are surveying unemployment rates or inflations. Do you believe in some
random blogs and sites that look like images? Probably not. The U.S. Bureau of Statistics is the
lighthouse amidst this ocean of unreliable online data.
B. Reason to Listen
Why should you care? This is because correct data inspires good judgments. It gives you the
power to know the value of credibility whether you are a student, a professional, or a curious
C. Thesis Statement
However, today, I focus on why we should only use valid websites, such as, to avoid any
misinformation trap.
II. Body
A. The bureau of statistics in the United States.
What is the U.S. bure...

This is great! Exactly what I wanted.


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