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You task is to research, design, carry out, and submit a formal lab report for an experiment on "Climate changes and its effect on the environment." You will need at least five resources to support your experimental process, hypothesis, or results. The lab report format should be the same formatting used in the previous units. All reports should be formatted correctly using APA style and will be checked for grammatical and spelling errors. A sample lab report is provided in this unit’s information. Remember, follow the steps of the scientific method. Begin with an observation, state a hypothesis, research and design an experiment, test your hypothesis, collect your data, and conclude and reflect.

Major topics:

Biology & Chemistry:

  • Life and its interaction with our environment
  • Atomic theory and the properties of matter
  • Climate changes and its effect on the environment
  • Water and its unique properties
  • Life and its many forms
  • Energy and its forms

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