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Read the link and do analysis on the article . I will upload the link and instructions you must answer in the Analysis below. I will also upload the chapter so you can see the definitions of the words. This is the link:

This is the chapter:

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Sociological Theory SOC 4420 Article Analysis Assignment Instructions 1. After you have read the assigned article, prepare the following comments to share with the rest of the class: ▪ What is the title of the article ▪ What is the name of the article’s author ▪ In what publication was the article published ▪ What is the article about? List the topic and an additional 5 key points you found interesting 2. Sociological theory analysis – take a look at the list of definitions below and pick out as many as you can and explain how the definitions have manifested themselves in the article ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ Gender Inequality Women’s Economic Independence Sex-Distinctions o Primary o Secondary Excessive Sex-Distinctions p. 202 p. 143 p. 151 p. 227 p. 227 p. 227 3. Share whether you have found the article interesting and be specific on what you found interesting. You can also share if you didn’t like the article and the specific things you didn’t like about it. 4. In what ways does the article oppose or disagree with the theorist in question?
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