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Questions in pictures. Probability and counting, has fractions, rounding,decimals, and more. Multiple questions.

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The table below shows the number of survey subjects who have received and not received a speeding ticket in the last year, and the color of their cars. Speeding Ticket No Speeding Ticket Total Red Car 86 146 232 Not Red Car 144 157 301 Total 230 303 533 Find the probability that a randomly chosen person: a) Has a red car. | b) Has a speeding ticket. c) Has a speeding ticket given they have a red car. d) Has a red car given they have a speeding ticket. e) Has a red car and got a speeding ticket. f) Has a red car or got a speeding ticket. Write your answers in decimal form, rounded to the nearest thousandth. A poker hand consists of five cards randomly dealt from a standard deck of 52 cards. The order of the cards does not matter. Determine the following probabilities for a 5-card poker hand. Write your answers in percent form, rounded to 4 decimal places. Determine the probability that exactly 3 of these cards are Aces. Answer: % Determine the probability that all five of these cards are Spades. Answer: % Determine the probability that exactly 3 of these cards are face cards. Answer: % Determine the probability of selecting exactly 2 Aces and exactly 2 Kings Answer: % Determine the probability of selecting exactly 1 Jack. Answer: % You are taking a quiz that has 9 multiple-choice questions. If each question has 4 possible answers, how many different ways are there to answer the test? There are different ways to answer the test. How many 5-letter passords can be made using the letters A thought Z if... a) Repetition of letters is allowed? b) Repetition of letters is not allowed?
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