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Part 2:

Please respond to this Question-Case Study: (You may wait until Wed. to post this portion after you have had a chance to read a few articles in the Lessons area or completed some outside research. Please post your introduction first.)

  • You own the "SweetTooth" Candy store and you have been in business for the last three years. Your store location in the strip mall is ideal and business is great. You have had a website up and running now for two years. The website only displays a listing of all the candy treats your store offers with brief descriptions.
  • During this time your webmaster has been keeping web statistics on visitors to your website. You have been receiving numerous requests and emails from your customers to start selling your candy over the Internet.
  • You ask your webmaster to forward the Web Statistics to you, the complete history of the visitors and the pages they visited.
  • NOTE: Class, try not to over analyze this first forum, look at the scenario from the perspective of the store owner and how you would base your decision to move forward.

    • What information would you look for in the Web Stats to help you make a decision to go forward with the request to offer sales through your website?
    • Would you disregard the emails customer requests to sell your candy through your website? How would the web stats play a role? (if many visitors, if few visitors)
    • Please use APA formatting and in text cititation
    • Please No Plagiarism

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