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Week 6: The End of the Cold War (CO 4)

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Given the concept of a “revolution of rising expectations,” analyze a failed 20th century constitutional system, e.g., Nationalist China in 1911-1949 or the USSR in 1986-1991, and the continuing challenge rising expectations present to contemporary regimes, e.g., the People’s Republic of China or Egypt.

NATO and the Warsaw Pact were military alliances of the Cold War. How and why were they created? Were they really necessary? What roles did they play during the Cold War? The Berlin Wall was a powerful symbol of the Cold War that came down in 1989. Why was it there and what was its significance?

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The End of the Cold War
Soon after the overthrowing the last Imperial dynasty in China (in 1911) the state faced a
system of failed constitutional power. The Nationalist China revolution which held a lot of
expectations ended up plunging the nations into a series of riots which resulted in a situation of
definite political instability (Chandra, Siddharth, and Angela 302). The formation of the
constitutional systems paved the way for the rise of resistant groups which ousted the
government of the day, increased assassinations, and also created massive public unrests. The set
constitution was set with the aim of centralizing national leadership, but the expectat...

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