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Masureament and evalwaition


I want a research about the measurement of anger in teenager student in anywhere you can choose

My paper will focus on the measurement of 1________anger_____________________________________

among 2_________________________________ in the 3______________________________ context.

Note: 1 = educational/psychological construct; 2= population or demographic; 3 = professional or geographic setting


A. The final paper must adhere to the manuscript conventions described in the syllabus

  1. The paper should be between 10-12 pages (not including reference page)
  2. Your paper should include at least 10 sources from a peer-reviewed journal or book. Sources from the internet will not be accepted. APA format 12-pt. font.

B. The final paper must include the following sections in order to receive full credit:

  1. Title page(Title, name, date, course number, instructor)
  2. Introduction(What is the purpose of the paper? Why is the topic important? What will the paper include?)
  3. Sub-sectionsdescribing in detail...

i. ii. iii.

the measurement issue/topic chosen,
the history of measurement issue/topic
the relation of this measurement issue/topic to a current problem/debate in education or psychologyanda particular student population

  1. Recommendations for Future Research and Conclusion(What did you cover in your paper? What might future research on this topic explore?)
  2. References(list of references must be formatted according to the APA publication manual) 😀

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